So, summer time is almost here in the northeast… finally! To enjoy Summer 2018 the best we possibly can it might help to be in… or get in shape to fully take advantage of the season. Let’s explore 10 ways to do just that!


1. Walk/Run/Hike  

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There is so much to be said for just getting out for a walk or short run. With the benefits being emotional, mental, and physical… you can’t go wrong with this option. Just get the right shoes on and go!


2.  Visit A New “Fit Trail” Park  

Parks all over the U.S. are installing Fit Trails! This takes walking or running to the next level with intervals on a trail where you can stop and get some important anaerobic activity. And since muscle dictates how many calories you burn at rest… you can see why this is a great option! Just do a quick search for your nearest “Fit Trail” park and give it a shot!  If you are lucky enough to live in the city, the High Line is perfect.

3.  Go For A Swim 

Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash

Swimming in the summer is quite the All-American pastime. And is a no-brainer if you want to stay cool while getting in some activity! A win/win for most!  Just don’t go for a dip in the Hudson or East Rivers, that would be taking the nature thing a bit too far.

4.  Pickup A New Sport

Another wonderful benefit of the newfound good weather is the opportunity to play outdoor sports! Whether its soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, or volleyball, you have the opportunity to get great calorie burning activity in while possibly picking up a new hobby/pastime!

5.  Dare To Dance                                       

Fun Fact… Did you know people are likely to burn off twice as many calories dancing as they would during running/walking! Why you ask? Because we LOVE it! Who doesn’t like to express themselves through a few wonderfully original dance moves! In the NY/NJ area there are a bevy of FREE concerts in the summertime! You can also join an outdoor Latin Dance class which are also in abundance in the area. So, put on your dancing shoes and EXPRESS YOURSELF!

6.  Fall In Love With Your Area… Again

I am, of course, assuming that you “fell in love” with where you live before you chose to live there. But if you live in the NYC Metro area then you are surrounded by a ton of history! Within 15 minutes you could search online and create a tour of your little area that could last the whole day long! Take a partner and go re-explore your area. Almost a guarantee that while being active, you will have learned something interesting by day’s end!

photo of A2K Fitness

7.  Join A Fitness Bootcamp                                         

I’m particularly fond of this one considering that I’ve been running boot camps all over the Tri-State area for almost a decade and a half now. But these programs offer a fun way to get REALLY fit with the side-benefits of new friendships, getting outdoors, and a professional to make getting to those goals easier! Fitness boot camps are everywhere these days! Just make sure to do the research and find a reputable one with a REAL trainer. Then join! Trust me… you’ll thank me later!

8.  Early Bird Gets The Worm

Another great benefit of the warmer weather of the season is that the mornings are very pleasant to get out and do almost anything. For those who prefer a little cooler temperature, this is an easy solution to the dilemma of when to get that activity in. So, get up early… take that walk… get a run in… maybe a bike ride… and burn some calories while the world around you is still asleep.

9.  Set Goals, Habits, Routines             

You’ve likely heard the saying “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going”. Well, it is well stated. Truth is getting and staying fit is not a static state of mind, it is ever-changing. One day we feel like taking on the world… the next we don’t. So, what keep us going on this journey… Goals… Habits… and Routines! So, when we choose our activities for the summertime, lets also choose the goals we want to achieve with them… put them into routines that keep us doing them… and build habits that lead to the success that comes with them!

10.  Get Out And Enjoy Life!!!!                 

Image by Pexels

It is an amazing life we have in our hands, and the NYC Metro area is such an amazing place to live it! There are activities of all kinds to explore in our area, and there is indeed something for everybody! So, if you internalize anything you read here… internalize this one. Get out and soak it all in! You literally couldn’t get all the amazing experiences in, even if you tried!!!


Well, unless of course, if you ran back and forth, while dancing up a hill, where there’s a boot camp, with a soccer game nearby, early in the morning, and then go swimming, finishing up with salsa lessons in the evening… Lol! You get the point!

Cheers to an active and blessed summer everyone!

 Article written by Azuka Tuke of A2K Fitness.  Azuka is known in New York & New Jersey for organizing outdoor fitness boot-camp classes that are fun and exciting. Check out his link to learn more about locations and dates.

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