If you have ever circled the block in Hoboken for 55 minutes, dodging double parked cars looking for parking, you know finding an open, legal spot is not easy.  Starting January 1st 2019, the city will introduce a new dynamic parking rate structure.  It’s not always in a city’s best financial interest to be transparent and have good signage.  With the help of Andrew Impastato of The Hoboken Parking Dude, we outline the top ways Hoboken has made parking more difficult than it should be.

“Avoid Route 495 & Lincoln Tunnel Until 2021”

“The 10 Hour Commute From Hell”

The following is a list of actions the city of Hoboken has rejected, voted down or delayed in 2018:

  1. Making all parking related data open and available to its residents. Specifically, the Temporary No Parking data, so apps like Parking Dude can help identify and notify where those spots are for no parking to avoid cars being towed and ticketed.

    Paper Temporary Parking Sign on Ground. Image by Hoboken Parking Dude
  2. Increasing the mandatory notification for Temporary No Parking signs to be posted from three days to seven days so it clears the street cleaning for any specific area.
  3. Changing the color and appearance of enforceable and unenforceable Temporary No Parking Signs to eliminate confusion.
  4. Create a mobile and centralized parking app to help educate, inform, and notify residents and visitors how to park in the city of Hoboken.
  5. Install loading and unloading time amounts on the signs for all loading spots. The ordinance permits 15 minutes for loading/unloading but the sign doesn’t mention it.
  6. Laminate all paper temporary no parking signs so they do not fall apart in storms.
  7. Put Zipcar car sharing spots (42 spots) in city owned garages and give those on-street spots back to visitors and residents to park in.

    Vehicle being towed.  Image by Hoboken Parking Dude
  8. Offer on-demand valet parking to and from any business or restaurant in Hoboken with cars being parked at city owned garages or surface lots.
  9. Offer free visitor parking in city owned garages for a 3 month trial period to see if garages get full. In order to receive free parking you have to show a receipt from a Hoboken business.
  10. Give every resident 5 FREE visitor hang tags when they register for a yearly resident parking permit.
Someone who parked in Hoboken for too long. Image by Hoboken Parking Dude.

Can’t get enough info about Hoboken Parking?  Check out NYNJ’s “6 New Rules for Parking in Hoboken” that thoroughly explains their new dynamic parking rates that go into effect January, 2019.

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