Hoboken New Jersey, known for its incredible city views, Sinatra, fresh mutz, baseball and an over abundance of parking tickets.  If you need a master’s degree to park in Manhattan then you’ll need a doctorate to figure out parking in the mile square city.  Starting January 1st 2019, the city will introduce a new dynamic parking rate similar to San Francisco.  To help us navigate through all of these new parking rules we reached out to Andrew Impastato with The Hoboken Parking Dude for his insight.

Image by Hoboken Parking Dude

“In 2016, the Hoboken Parking Utility collected over $6.8 million in parking related tickets and grossed over $11 million in overall parking revenue. This trend has and continues to go up but the city of Hoboken wants more.”

“Avoid Route 495 & Lincoln Tunnel Until 2021”

“The 10 Hour Commute From Hell”

The following are recent steps in 2018 that the city has made to increase revenue:

  1. Raised resident monthly parking garage pricing by 25% in all city owned garages.
  2. Raised daily parking permits for Hoboken employees/temporary residents from $1 to $5 a day.
  3. Installed virtual meters with mobile payment on every block in Hoboken for visitors to pay.
  4. Eliminated free visitor parking for 4 hours. Visitors must start paying as soon as they park.
  5. Established the ability to raise meter pricing whenever and wherever they see fit. The price to park at a meter in our business district will skyrocket in the New Year.
  6. Spent $95,000 on upgrades to a HPU ticketing software to make it more efficient for our HPU enforcers to write tickets.

Can’t get enough info about Hoboken Parking?  Check out NYNJ’s “10 Ways Hoboken has made Parking more Difficult in 2018” which looks into how Hoboken has either delayed, rejected or voted down parking transparency.

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