A Wishing Wall of Hope in Sleepy Hollow

I Wish. Artist unknown. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

With the world going through so much, I want to highlight an incredible and uplifting community art project in the town of Sleepy Hollow, NY on the Hudson Riverwalk. A temporary/pop-up art installation which asks the question “What are your hopes and dreams for the future? For yourself, loved ones, our community, the world …” 

Artist Katie Reidy instagram.com/rarigrafix .  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

The Riverwalk Community Mural affectionately called “The Wishing Wall” conveys the answers to the questions posed, and transfers them artistically, through vibrant color, and positive messages to the winding wall along the Hudson River. 

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Art by Samantha Barrett.  Instagram.com/artbysamb.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen
Art by Arianna Hoover Lluesma Instagram.com/artist_zero05/.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

The wall celebrates diversity, collaboration, teaching, interactivity, and inspires all those who visit. Also, to note there are incredible views, especially at sunset of the new TAP (Cuomo Bridge) and the quaint mini Sleepy Hollow lighthouse.

Thank you to Kersten Harries the Project Manager/Member of the Planning Board for the guided tour, who speaks so eloquently and passionately on the project. As mentioned, the wall is temporary and when the panels are dismantled, all the wishes will be released into the universe, a poetic and beautiful gesture. The area will then be renovated into a public park. #whatdoyoudreamof


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