ADDY media Captures New R&B sensation JNA at Birthday Blast [Video]

ADDY media
Adriana Kaegi insert with JNA - Kaegi Image Courtesy of Dis Company, JNA Image Courtesy of Vimeo Video

New York – ADDY media has captured exciting video of the new R&B sensation JNA – Jonny and Aaron. The brothers won deserved fame via Tic Tok and are now turning out hit after hit. They are conquering the world with their smooth sound, charm, and good looks.

At an exclusive private event in New York City JNA celebrated their June 11th birthday with some renowned friends. Artists Kayandre, Alessandro Coli, SWEENO shared in the duos celebratory fun of a surprise announcement of JNA’s new single “Heavy Weapons” (coming soon on JO Records), followed by an informal live performance.

The excitement was captured in an exclusive video by “Preditor” (Producer/Shooter/Editor) Adriana Kaegi. Superwoman Kaegi is co-founder/choreographer of the legendary band Kid Creole and the Coconuts, an 80’s superstar band (Island Records); and Boomerang (Atlantic Records) – and now the owner of media company

Having lived the celebrity life, Kaegi understands what it is like being conversed with on the red carpet. She now enjoys interviewing today’s talent for clients and her media company. has been covering high-profile events like the Biden/Harris Inauguration, NYFW, and numerous red carpet happenings. Kaegi is also a Getty Red Carpet contributor and covers’s Indieweek – as well as other conferences.

The talented Kaegi became a pioneer in the video field with her and her team constantly producing premium lifestyle programs for’s own channels and – which has 11K subscribers.

Daily she sends video feed to her global distribution partners generating seven million monthly views. Most soundtracks for the editorial videos, are composed by Kaegi and are available on

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