How long of a period will my ad run for?

We can spread it out over one year or focus it all on one event.

How do I pay?

All transaction are through PayPal, for advertisements we ask for a 50% deposit and 50 % upon competition of advertisement.

How long will my article be published?

Your Article will be remain up as long as it’s relevant. Usually 4-5 years as an average. However, some can last 9 years.

What types of businesses work best for NYNJ?

Almost all. Our most common are Restaurants, Real Estate, Professional Services, Local Service Business, Events.

What do you consider the NYNJ area?

Great question, while it is an acronym for all of New York & New Jersey, we focus our content in a 30 miles radius on both sides of the Stateline.  Downstate, New York (NYC, Low Hud, Long Island) and North Jersey.

What are GEO-ADS?

GEO-ADS are when we match an advertisement to specific GPS coordinates that target your specific market.  Strongly recommended for walk-in business, but helpful for all.

How will you share our content on social media?

We will share your content and tag you (optional) on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.