Advice for Couples Planning Weddings During the Time of COVID-19

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Like everyone and every business, we at One Heart Personalized Ceremonies have been closely monitoring the news about COVID -19 (the corona virus).

Certainly, we are all in the midst of a challenging time and doing our best to maintain social distance, stay safe, “flatten the curve”, and respectfully, thoughtfully move forward with helping couples plan their wedding ceremonies.

For many folks, plans were made before having become aware of the corona virus, (in some cases long before!) so we’ve made ourselves available to couples to help cope with the stress or feelings of overwhelm brought on by delayed weddings. Through active listening, counseling, and advising about strategies to alleviate the disappointment related to delayed plans, we encourage couples to creatively resume plans with realistic expectations. It’s important to restore a sense of calm (with: meditation, journaling, mild exercise or yoga, talking about feelings, doing some baking, immersion in a hobby, watching some light movies, reading inspirational books, making lists of the things we can and cannot control), while also expressing genuine consideration for the well being of loved ones, guests and vendors that are involved in those wedding plans.

The Community Chest Awards COVID-19 Emergency Fund Grants to Bergen County Agencies

For many, postponing the wedding ceremony and reception to a safer, future time when guests can gather together in larger groups in celebration, may be the best way to go. Of course, it is advisable to check with the selected venue to find out when they plan to reopen and then what dates & times are available for rescheduling. Keep in mind that the officiant and other vendors (musicians, photographers, etc.) should be kept “in the loop” of rescheduling plans as they too are dealing with calendar changes. As an option, consider a mid-week ceremony once things quiet down rather than a weekend ceremony. That may increase the choices for the time of year the couple prefers.

A Pre-COVID-19 Wedding hosted by One Heart Personalized Ceremonies at Lotte New York Palace. Image Courtesy of MPW Media Group

In the meanwhile, for many couples, there are options that can enhance wedding rescheduling: having a private mini-ceremony (respecting social distancing, and with a limited number of people), or elopements with immediate family connected via ZOOM, Skype, FaceTime or other platforms, and then having a full, personalized ceremony rescheduled for a later date and time when all loved ones can safely gather for the celebration. In some states “virtual” or “remote” ceremonies are also an option. With those, generally, the officiant is connected to the couple via an internet platform. We’ve seen a lot of creative ideas connected to ceremonies embracing “social distance”: guests in their cars in front of the couple’s home or yard – elopements in parks, or gardens, rooftop ceremonies, with Wi-Fi available so family and friends can experience the ceremony “virtually”.

In all cases and for every situation, we go to great lengths to get to know our couples, collect pertinent information, and put together a comprehensive plan for the Big Day! All of that can be done remotely, with no unnecessary travel.

While this is a time of uncertainty, our hope is that sooner than later we can all resume celebratory gatherings safely and respectfully.

One Heart Personalized Ceremonies has a long history and reputation for making the ceremony experience meaningful for each of our couples regardless of how, when and where that takes place. This continues to be our commitment even during this trying time.

We are open for business and available to help plan personalized, elegant, truly meaningful wedding ceremonies, and making those last minute ceremonies a reality as well! Let’s talk!

Contact Norma Moutal or Mark Giller.

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