Alleged Mob Boss Killer Set to be Extradited to New York

Anthony Comello (24). Image by Brick Township Police Dept.

24-year-old Anthony A. Comello arrested in New Jersey Saturday on charges he shot and killed a reputed mob boss in Staten Island last week will waive extradition when he appears in court in Ocean County today.

New York lawyer Robert Gottlieb said his client has been scheduled to appear in court in Staten Island on March 25. Comello, of Staten Island, was apprehended early Saturday on Cadiz Drive in a waterfront community in Brick, NJ.  Comello was held over the weekend at the Ocean County jail after being charged with murder.

Reputed Gambino Boss, Frank Cali (58). Image by NYPD

‘Franky Boy’ Cali was killed outside of his ‘Hilltop Terrace’ Staten Island home last week.  This marks the first time that a mob boss had been killed in NYC since the infamous Paul Castellano/Sparks Steakhouse shooting in 1985.  Cali was shot 10 times with a 9mm handgun.  It is alleged that Comello staged an accident to get Cali out of the house to get a close shot.  Rumors quickly circled that Cali was murdered due to his mob ties, however newer evidence seem to point to a family dispute.  Comello seems to have taken a romantic interest in one of Cali’s family members and was denied the ability to have a relationship with her.

According to The New York Times, at about 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Comello backed his pickup truck into Cali’s parked Cadillac Escalade, then walked up to the door of his home and rang the doorbell, showing himself on video cameras.

Cali’s only mob-related conviction came a decade ago, when Cali pleaded guilty in an extortion conspiracy involving a failed attempt to build a NASCAR track on Staten Island. He was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison and was released in 2009.  This just like ginormous SI ferris wheel and SI subway never came to fruition.

The pickup truck Comello was driving the day Cali was killed was recovered when he was arrested in New Jersey on Saturday.  The search for the gun is still ongoing.

All of this New York – New Jersey mafia killing has me feeling nostalgic.

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