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Antigone Rising Girls Rising
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The all-female world celebrated rock band, New York’s Antigone Rising is known as much for their rousing-exciting music and live performances as they are for their speaking out for social conscience. The songstress’ have just announced headlining performers for the 6th Annual Girls Rising Music Festival (formerly known as BeachFest) – a program aimed to encourage girls, and boys, to make a difference.

Antigone Rising Announces Girls Rising Headliners

The founding band members of Antigone Rising, Cathy Henderson, Kristen Ellis- Henderson and lead singer Nini Camps formed Girls Rising (501c3) with the purpose to inspire girls to be the best that they can be. Motivating girls to work hard to realize dreams is the mission that drives the band members with their Girls Rising endeavor.

Antigone Rising joined Mayor Tim Tenke, City of Glen Cove and Molly Deegan Breen, a principal of Branch Real Estate Group – the major sponsor of the main stage – on April 25, 2019, to announce headlining performers for the 6th Annual Girls Rising Music Festival.

Antigone Rising Girls Rising
Photo by Carol Ruth Weber

Taking the stage on the festival day will be Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Paula Cole (“I Don’t Want to Wait”), folk singer Lucy Kaplansky, and singer-songwriter Jill Sobule (1995s “I Kissed a Girl”). Antigone Rising is set to close the festival with their renowned rock n’ roll renditions.

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Kidz Bop will be sponsoring a second stage. The Youth Spotlight stage will showcase musical performances by student groups from local schools.

The music fest event includes the Game Changer Awards set to take place at the legendary My Father’s Place inside the Roslyn Hotel. It allows for high school seniors the opportunities to win scholarships and grants sponsored by Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett, and Carnie Wilson. Grants are used toward extracurricular activities will be awarded to kids in underserved communities.

Etheridge states:

“I am so proud to be involved with Girls Rising. It’s my greatest hope that this grant award inspires and empowers girls to be all they can be.”

The free, with a suggested donation of $15, 2-day Girls Rising Music Festival is set to take place on June 22, 2019, from noon to 9 p.m., at Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY.

Girls Rising Grows from Antigone Rising

Antigone Rising has more than 20 years of banding together to build a world-wide fan-based reputation of not only being amazing musicians but also being proud of who they are as women. The women showcase intense energy performing and producing their music, as well as in their efforts raising awareness through their ongoing activism.

Ellis- Henderson explains:

“I think that our mindset has changed as we’ve gotten a little older, now it’s less about the need to prove ourselves. I think our younger selves struggled with identity. We thought fame was somehow going to save us from ourselves. Over the years we’ve learned that’s not how things work. Coming out, having kids, giving back. All those things work best for us—not chasing some imaginary idea of how people see us.”

Since their Girls Rising launch in 2014, Antigone Rising has been using their charitable organization to present live presentations. These wonderful endeavors feature not only amazing female musicians but also female leaders in still male-dominated industries. Local and global schools and youth centers profit from the Girls Rising empowering programs designed to educate and inspire girls and LGBTQ youth to be all that they dream to be.

The songstresses are using their voices to sing out to encourage girls to do the same in pursuing career dreams in the science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and arts fields traditionally dominated by males. Antigone Rising advocates for females to be emboldened to set goals for professions in STEM and arts professions.

The non-profit Girls Rising was founded by Antigone Rising with the sole purpose to inspire girls to realize their potential in order to follow dreams in the pursuit of non-traditional female career paths. Utilizing conversation, music, and the power of example, the Girls Rising programs aim to encourage young women – and men – to be game changers in this world.

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