As Hate Crimes Spike, New York & New Jersey Come Together


As I’m sure you are aware, on December 28 a deranged man busted into a Rabbi’s Monsey, New York home and stabbed five people during a Chanukah Celebration.  This tragedy comes after another stabbing in Monsey and on the heels of the Jersey City shooting in which 6 people were killed at a Kosher Supermarket.

In the last two weeks, there have been 14 anti-Semitic attacks in NYC alone. NYPD stated there were a total of 423 reported hate crimes in the city in 2019.

One thing that makes our area so special is that we stand together in tragedies.  We overcame Superstorm Sandy, 9-11 and this will be no exception.

NY State Sen Chuck Schumer speaking at a rally in Rockland County. Image courtesy of

On Monday, over 700 people met at Rockland County’s Jewish Community Center to show support to those injured in the attacks.  New York State Senator Chuck Schumer spoke at length of his family’s demise in Europe during the Holocaust and how earlier in the day he asked Congress for funding to provide security for ALL houses of worship in the state.  New York State Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul’s opening remarks emphasized how anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in the state.

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Today, thousands of people along with many elected officials marched across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The march ended in Columbus Circle where a large unity rally was held. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were in attendance.

The rise in anti-Semitism in the New York – New Jersey area has risen over 60% in the past year. Additional speakers from the Anti-Defamation League, the Federations of North America, and the Israeli Consult point blame at the internet for inciting hatred and racism among certain groups. They say the internet intensifies the voices of hate groups and influences many who have been isolated. When people come across hate groups online, they should be REPORTED immediately. We must not become complacent and allow this to become the “new normal”.

Do you feel that there has been a rise in racism and anti-Semitism?

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