Astro Gallery of Gems is world-renowned for its famous minerals, gems, meteorites and dinosaurs. The business’ flagship 12,000 square foot showroom location, on the famed Fifth Avenue in New York City, aims to delight browsers, and those searching for unique mineralogical finds to dress the decor.

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Walking into Astro Gallery of Gems one will immediately see that is more than a mere store. Among pieces of rare and unusual jewelry at Astro Gallery, are also thousands of one-of-a-kind minerals, gems, fossils, and even actual dinosaur skeletons.

Natural History on Display to View and Purchase

In business since 1961, The family owned Astro Gallery of Gems has been noted as the world’s foremost gem and mineral gallery. Walk into the amazing establishment and one is greeted by beautiful minerals, gems and meteorites, along with fossils and dinosaurs that one would only expect to see in a museum.

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Imagine the chance to possess your own piece of natural history? While prices can soar to over $1,000,000 for the rarest of mineralogical pieces, there are beautiful items to find that are very affordable as well at under $30.

The extensive range of natural history items on display offer something for everyone to enjoy, admire and afford. Astro makes everyone entering the store to feel comfortable just browsing and admiring the museum quality items. Specimens on view will excite interested novices along with the highly discerning and advanced collector. From tiny tumbled stones to 2,000-pound amethyst geodes, dinosaur bones and fossils, along with beautiful custom-made jewelry, every person of every age will be in awe marveling at the amazing items on view to purchase.

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Beautiful gifts are ready to acquire for oneself and others. Find stunning soap dishes carved from stone ready to add a decorative interest to the powder room. Hearts and animals crafted from lovely stones, crystals to raise the good spirits and pen holders ready to take center stage on a desk, are all perfectly priced for an affordable present. Lovely jewelry custom designed from gems and stones is on display for sale as well.

Amazing Fossils and Fine Minerals

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Astro Gallery showcases stunning tabletops cut from ancient and rare stones ready to be the centerpiece in the decor. Rare butterflies mounted in beautiful Lucite will adorn one’s walls as if in flight. Framed rare bugs and critters are for sale as well. Beyond museum quality fossils are available for purchase to share one’s residence.

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Discover minerals so large that one can almost crawl inside to rest among the crystals. Children in tow will marvel along with the adults at the towering 200,000-year-old cave bear fossil as well as the many dinosaur bones and unusual, and rare, fossil finds. Take a walk to the back of the store to behold the rarest of minerals. Behind glass enclosed cases are awesome views of dinosaur heads, bones and claws that one would only think would be on view in a natural history museum.

Business Built Out of Love for Rare Finds

Originally, Astro Gallery of Gems was created by Argentine construction and mining businessman Julio Tanjeloff. After the Peron regime stole his fortune Tanjeloff moved to New York City in 1961. With his heart still smitten by minerals, Tanjeloff had a vision to market high-end mineralogical collectibles to customers to showcase in their home and office decors. Out of his vision Astro Gallery of Gems and Minerals opened its doors in 1963. The unique business quickly grew with mineral collectors, gem collectors, celebrities, politicians, interior designers and architects from all over the world seeking Tanjeloff’s quality and exceptional items.

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Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Tanjeloff’s grandson Dennis Tanjeloff is now at the company’s helm. Grandfather Tanjeloff sparked an interest in the grandson when he first traveled the world with his grandfather at age three in search of minerals, gems, fossils, and related art. As Dennis Tanjeloff grew older his interest only grew deeper. His thirst for knowledge involving all aspects of the mineralogical business made him eager to learn from the elder Tanjeloff.

Dennis Tanjeloff has soaked in the passion of his grandfather’s vision and taken it into the digital age. Beginning in 1998 Tanjeloff developed an online retail presence. Astro Gallery remains one of the most respected collectible gem and mineral resources in the world. The business and has been instrumental in advising and curating multi-million dollar collections for accomplished collectors and leading natural history museums worldwide.

Image by Carol Ruth Weber

Astro Gallery of Gems is definitely a must stop destination for anyone visiting New York City. Adults and children will all want to see the natural history on view in the store and perhaps have a chance to purchase and take home a bit of historical wonder themselves.

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