Atlantic City Golden Nugget Spa is Vaca from Life Stresses [Review]

Golden Nugget Spa
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With the mission statement for the Golden Nugget Atlantic City Spa & Salon being, “Relax. Renew. Revitalize,” this day spa truly lives up to its promises. The goal of offering an array of services and experiences that leaves one feeling relaxed and revitalized is absolutely met the moment one takes a step into the soothing space.

Golden Nugget is a well-known golden name in the casino hotel industry but has so much more to offer than just mere gambling. All too often those just hearing “Atlantic City” think big hotels, partying, casinos and noise. At the Golden Nugget Atlantic City, one can easily bypass the casino and go directly to the fourth floor Spa and Salon for a day of complete pampering and relaxation.

Entering the AC Golden Nugget Spa is a Peaceful Invite

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City offers a wonderful boutique hotel type experience that invites a comforting touch that the other hotels in Atlantic City are missing. This is truly evident the minute one steps through the beautiful glass doors into the calmness that is the hotel’s Spa and Salon.

As the doors shut out the outside casino revelry one makes their way to the welcoming reception desk. Walking through the lovely Spa and Salon shop in the reception area one will enjoy the exceptional skincare, cosmetic and fashion delights on display. Browse to sample some lovely lotions with no pressure to purchase from a salesperson.

Quiet relaxation is welcoming before even stepping into the actual Spa and Salon areas. If one has not called ahead for an appointment the comfortable reception lounge area invites one to browse the immense menu of spa and salon offerings to choose from.

Along with the menu are often inviting special deals that make it easy to take advantage of multiple services to complete a full spa day. The 12,000-square-foot Spa and Salon space includes a total fitness center plus 11 spa treatment rooms, as well as two specifically for couples, and a full-service state-of-the-art salon.

One can purchase a daily pass to use the fitness facility located right before one enters the locker areas. Workout in the morning and then enter the Spa for a soothing massage, scrub or body wrap to tend to the aching muscles. Everyone is welcome to enjoy an entire spa day along with their chosen treatment.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City Spa Achieves Tension Relief

A visit to the spa allows the chance to rub the anxieties of life out of an aching body. The amazing choices of spa treatments include massages, wraps, and scrubs, along with the superior salon services.

New specials are offered every month to make one’s selections even more stimulating. Perfect for a honeymoon type escape is the private couple massage rooms made for two looking to leave the outside world behind to reconnect.

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From the first visit to the amazing spa, I was hooked. The professionals certainly know their crafts. The choices of massages, scrubs, and wraps are immense. Relaxing Swedish, aromatic, therapeutic deep tissue, organic and hot stone massages are among the wonderful massage choices to please everyone.

Wraps and scrubs come in choices to assist in detox and hydrating of the body.  Many treatments come with different aroma preferences as well as options to add extras to amp up the relaxation experience.

Golden Nugget Spa
Massage Room – Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

My aching body has enjoyed many Golden Nugget Atlantic City Spa massage and wrap treatments. I personally love the wonderful calming massages as well as the soothing body scrubs. The scrubs feel like a light massage that also exfoliates my entire body before being wrapped in a soothing moment of a warm cocoon.

Golden Nugget Spa
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

The exclusive Salon is an experience on its own with a separate entrance. Before moving on to a body massage check in to the full-service state-of-the-art salon for a soothing facial. Other Salon offerings include hair styling and coloring, manicures, pedicures, waxing, spray tanning and special occasion make-up applications. Mini Escapes are offered for a quick renewal.

The Golden Nugget Spa is the Perfect Stress Escape Go To

On the same date as a workout, spa therapy and salon treatment one will want to spend an entire day enjoying all the Spa amenities. Both the men’s and women’s spa areas have their own well-appointed lockers rooms, a relaxing eucalyptus steam room, and comforting sauna.

Each side also includes a lounge area complete with a huge whirlpool to soak in. A choice of water and juices are served as well as fresh fruit for a healthy snack to enjoy.

Golden Nugget Spa
Common Lounge – Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Men and women can meet up in the adjoining relaxation area complete with chaise lounges and a sitting area. Quiet and resting are highly encouraged with tea being served and soft music playing in the background.

Spend a spa day catching up with a group of friends or have fun making new ones. During your day of treatment take joy in the peaceful time of the inviting hot tub, steam room, and sauna while chatting or reading quietly.

Take a soothing rinse in a private shower upon completion of the relaxing spa day. Complimentary such amenities as razors, combs, hair styling gels, deodorant and blow dryers help one to finish a day of full service beautiful relaxing enjoyment.

Atlantic City Golden Nugget Spa Love Affair Only Gets Better

After already enjoying so many different treatments at the Golden Nugget Spa I thought it would be fitting to go for the gold with their 24K Signature Massage, a soothing mixture of body scrub and massage. After discussing with my masseuse what type of massage would be best for me I decided on the calming Swedish.

Laying down on the heated massage bed face down to begin the treatment was soothing even if a massage was not to come. The music and soft lighting were enough to lull me into a Zen moment.

Ahead of the massage treatment was a gently rubbing on my back and legs. My back was exfoliated as the 24K Golden Body Scrub was gently massaged in. A comforting pad was then placed to cover my back before legs and feet were to be massaged.

As the pad covering my back was removed I rolled over as my full body massage was continued from my scalp and face down to my fingers and toes. After rubbing warm lotion into my calves and feet each leg was wrapped in a cozy cocoon of hot towels. The warm Golden Body Milk applied all over my body left me feeling totally relaxed and my skin feeling smooth and luxurious.

With the day being over way too quickly I dressed in a much more relaxed state than when I first entered – ready to take on my crazy life again. I truly cannot wait for my next visit to the sanctuary of the Atlantic City Golden Nugget Spa and Salon.

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