Zaire Baptiste

Zaire Baptiste is a Brooklyn Native, an activist and content creator who helms a streaming television station, SEMEtv. As one of the most sought after Production Professionals in NYC, Zaire spends his time creating brand campaigns and training and educating young men of color to work in the field, employing them on his productions. As an avid writer, you can find journalistic contributions from Zaire, on topics ranging from fidelity to economic awareness.

The New Brooklyn – An Introspective View of Fort Greene and Bushwick

As a life long resident of Brooklyn, namely Bushwick and Fort Greene,...

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Legendary Pizzeria Shutdown in Brooklyn

An iconic NYC pizza establishment in Midwood has been shut down by health inspectors.  City records show there were mice present, workers wearing soiled...

Netflix to Release New Series on ‘Central Park Five’

File this one under shows the NYPD does not want you to watch.  'When They See Us' chronicles the infamous case of five teenagers...

New Animation Shows NYC’s Evolution Over 400 years (Video)

Myles Zhang, a Newark native has created an amazing 9-minute long animation named Here Grows New York.  The video starts off in pre-Colonial time...