Biaggi Lift Off Travel Set Under Seat to Carryon to Check In [Video]

Biaggi Lift Off
Image Courtesy of Biaggi

Biaggi has made new strides in innovative luggage once again with their Lift Off! Expandable Luggage. From the “Shark Tank” winning company known worldwide for their foldable, easy-to-store Zipsac, comes the Lift Off! in two sizes – one that goes from personal under-seat bag to carryon, and a larger one that expands from a carryon to a check-in.

Biaggi Lift Off
Image Courtesy of Biaggi

The Lift Off! is aptly named for the versatile bag that has a top perimeter zipper that, when unzipped, allows one to lift-up an entire additional ample section of suitcase. This permits one the luxury to be able to pack up extras from a shopping spree or gift-getting when traveling back to home base.

Biaggi Lift Off Underseater to Carry On

The Lift Off Underseater to Carry-On bag is a perfect personal travel companion for those on the go for just a couple of days. It is also perfect for those seeking a large size personal bag that meets most airlines requirements as a mate to bring on board with a carry-on.

At only 5.5 pounds, the small Biaggi bag features dimensions of 15-inches by 14.5-inches by 7-inches – just the right size to fit under the seat on most planes. When expanded the Lift Off Underseater is a full 22-inches by 14.5-inches by 7-inches carry on size suitcase that will fit in above compartment on airplane.

The inside main compartment of the Underseater has elasticated tie-down straps to hold items in place, along with a zippered mesh pocket on each side, and a padded sleeve perfect for a tablet or small laptop up to 15-inches. The Lift Off Underseater comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Biaggi Lift Off Carry On to Check In

Unique is the size of the Lift Off Carry On bag in accommodating ones packing needs. With dimensions of 16-inches by 19-inches by 9-inches, the 6.2-pounds Lift Off Carry On is a full-sized wide-body bag that will not topple over when on the move. Expanded the Carry On becomes a 25-inch by 19-inch by 9-inch check-in suitcase.

Just as with the Biaggi Underseater bag, the Lift Off Carry On’s inside main compartment has two mesh zippered pockets and elasticated tie down straps. The padded sleeve inside the compartment will hold a laptop up to 17-inches. The Lift Off Carry On has a wonderful 10-year limited warranty.

Plenty of Lift Off Extras to Accommodate Packing and Travel

Both size Biaggi Lift Off bags are crafted from a durable water and tear-resistant fabric and feature four spinner wheels and a retractable aluminum trolley handle. The four exterior zippered pockets are ready to fit travel items that one needs easy access to – two side pockets will also accommodate a water bottle or umbrella. An additional outer zippered pocket is revealed as well when the bag is expanded.

Once the expanded section is lifted-up one has the option of keeping the main area items separation from the expandable area or can unzip the dividing zipper to create a single large area to pack. The top carry handle turns into a trolley handle rear sleeve when the luggage is expanded. This aids in keeping the bag stable and secure.

The Biaggi Lift Off is Very Easy to Pack

The wide-body Lift Off design makes packing easy whether packing the Lift Off Underseater or Carry On. One can make their packing efforts even more organized using Biaggi Zipcubes packing cubes. The small-sized Zipcubes fit both size of the Lift Off bags and the Lift Off Carry On will also fit the medium size Zipcube.

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For frequent travelers, it is recommended to keep drawers at home organized with clothes folded in a file type manner. This allows for one to see all items at a glance when opening drawers so one can grab and go – or pack.

Just as drawers are packed one can easily file clothes into suitcase or, recommended, place organized items into individual packing cubes. The Biaggi Zipcubes act as if small drawers that keep items in place with limited crushing and wrinkling.

Packing cubes easily fit into the luggage to also fit shoes and other items next to them. in between cubes is the perfect space to file into a suitcase socks and other small items. Once at one’s travel destination the Zipcubes have handles making them easy to be pulled out of the luggage and simply placed in a dresser drawer.

The mesh top panel allows for ventilation as well as easy identification of items packed.

Biaggi Lift Off
Spacious front pocket perfect for TSA liquid bag

Biaggi Zipcubes lets one have the luxury of not needing to live out of the suitcase but without the mess of unpacking. Packing cubes also work perfectly to keep electronics and toiletries in place as well.

The front zippered outside pocket of the Lift Off bags is the perfect place to put one’s bag of liquids for airport travel. This front pocket gives quick access to remove a TSA-friendly clear bag filled with correct sized liquids and lotions.

Biaggi aims to make traveling as stress-free as possible. The Lift Off luggage pieces are perfectly sized and constructed for all travel needs and wants.

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