Randalls Island (Harlem, NY)

This weekend, experience the 4th annual “Indigenous Peoples Celebration of New York City” aka the IPCNYC.  Celebrate with the Lenape, Redhawk, Ramapough Lenape, Shinnecock members and more.  As I am sure you many know the word “Manhattan” a Dutch a word originally comes from the Lenape word “Manna-hata” meaning island with many hills.  The festivities are an alternative to “Columbus Day” celebrations.
Redhawk Nation
NYC has refused to follow the lead of Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Sante Fe, Berkeley, Rapid City, Madison, and many other “progressive” cities to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.  Some critics believe the large Italian American population in New York is the reason for the delay.  Regardless of your ethnicity and politics, come out and celebrate the original people of New York & New Jersey.

Written by Seth Goldstein / Seth@NYNJ.COM / © NYNJ MEDIA




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