Coronavirus COVID-19 Enemy for War of Lifetime [Editorial]

Image Courtesy of Wokandapix via Pixabay

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is an unimaginable new enemy that has changed lives and our way of living that just a week earlier could not seem fathomable. In a time span of two days I feel as though I’ve lived a year. How did we go from enjoying a day out visiting local gathering places to those very venues being ordered to close to the public for fear of spreading this virus?

Coronavirus Plunges World into Terror

I never thought I would ever feel this way again, or maybe it was pure hope that I never would. For the second time in nearly 20 years, I feel immensely lost, scared, frustrated. As on 9/11, COVID-19 has us wandering in a lost world just seeking any answers to save us – looking at those who are supposed to lead us to actually-lead in this crisis.

On 9/11 impulse immediately took over to run and get my then six-year-old daughter from school – to hug her and make sure I had her close as we had no clue if we were at war. On that day, living so close to Ground Zero, I stood on the beach embracing others in fear as we watched smoke rise from the hell.

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Now, Coronavirus COVID-19 has me lost in what feels like an apocalyptic world. My little girl is now a 25-year-old woman living multiple states away while we are at war with a pandemic. The theoretical smoke is seen rising not from one location, but all over this Earth as we are terrified to breathe our own air.

I go to the beach for solace but instead of gathering as a crowd I sit isolated in my car along with a crowded parking lot of others secluded in the safe cocoon of vehicles – only those with dogs walking about.

In New York City, there is no traffic – surreal – no crowded trains. The City is a ghost town – like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. Sitting alone watching TV the commercials tease of people happily gathering for sports, play, shopping and travel.

Coronavirus Creates Fear of Unknown

Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, 9/11 – all horrific events – but after they end briskly we could and can immediately start cleaning up and rebuilding. This is an alien tragedy we have never faced in our lifetime. When will it end, how will it end, how will we clean up, we live in fear of the unknown – unknown how to fully prepare, unknown how to live during it, unknown how we will survive physically, emotionally and financially from this horror.

The terror of 9/11 brought the nation together in hugs of comfort. This Coronavirus is plunging us in fear of getting closer than six-feet to each other creating a new terminology called “social distancing” – only allowing virtual hugs as we face isolation.

While this Coronavirus is causing social distancing, we are aching to come together emotionally – social media is now a gathering spot for us to virtually hold hands, hug and support. A place of social distancing protest to speak up and demand our leaders to move to take action.

What Will the Future Bring After Coronavirus COVID-19

History has proven how times of crisis pulls people of all religions, political views, colors, gender, etc. together. In this topsy-turvy world, this crisis is like no other we have seen. Before Coronavirus, politics divided not only the US but the entire world. Now COVID-19 is following in causing more frustration, anger, hurt, and ultimate isolation.

Image Courtesy of Pete Linforth via Pixabay

This virus is the bully chasing to attack all equally – please world get it together, work together, stop partisan fighting, we are all human, we all bleed red – we need to fight back as one to kill this evil demon. This Coronavirus COVID-19 bully won’t win if we work together to fight back. Listen to our health experts and follow instructions.

Hopefully, businesses and the economy will bounce back sooner than later if we all do the one, probably most important, task of our lives – to protect ourselves and each other at all costs. If one is lucky enough to have the wealth, then help by purchasing food for the worker who is now with no job due to this virus. If one is home while a single parent neighbor who is an essential worker must go and work, then offer to babysit.

Life is completely changed, and seems not just momentarily, perhaps forever in a way. Even when we do get back to some type of normal, as with 9/11, we will no doubt be held to new safety standards guarding against a new enemy.

Life Forever Changed by Coronavirus COVID-19

Our only human contact is to wave hello from six feet away and not dare go anywhere without hand sanitizer – if we must go out for essentials. Socially we are now limited to our smartphones and computers. Websites are quickly being made to inform us but none of us feel actually-informed.

COVID-19 has caused vacations to be called off, schools no longer teaching in person, worse of all are our spiritual outlets, that have proved to save us in hours of need, now forced to close to isolate us even more. Thank goodness for social media and video messaging but these will never replace the warmth of a hug we all deeply need in the moment.

We must all do our part to kick this alien enemy’s ass to win this war of our lifetime. Let us all fight in unity for a happy ending to this real-life Coronavirus COVID-19 horror movie we are currently trapped in.

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