The NYC start-up and business accelerator ecosystems has been on fire for the last 5 years especially with IT and Robotics.  Venture Capitalists invested a reported $15 billion into NYC start-up’s last year, a number that has increased for the last 9 years in a row.  Now a brand-new AI simulation called Crucible is looking to virtually train start-up founders how to overcome real life obstacles thus creating sustainable and profitable companies.  Crucible was created by GREENLIGHT Inc., a business coaching firm out of Manhattan, that has a proven track record with helping 20+ start-ups and Fortune 100 companies raise over $4 million in seed funding from competitions like TechWeekNYC since 2015.

Founders that received seed money from GREENLIGHT. Image by GREENLIGHT

“New entrepreneurs are motivated to launch their product lines, but shy away from the demands of actual customers and investors. This leads to an introverted management style that is not sustainable under high stress.” says co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Brian Patrick.  You may recognize Brian’s name from his recent article in Forbes, the “Six Superpowers Of Successful Startups”.

“It’s like taking an MBA prep course taught by a drill instructor.”

The entire program was inspired by a grueling 54-hour period during US Marine Corps Boot camp training.  The end results are noticeably stronger leaders.  “We’re leveraging tried-and-true training regimens from the military,” says Chief Operating Officer and former Marine, Todd Patrick. “With Crucible, we’re using AI to match competency areas with suggested skill improvement exercises and rigorous training scenarios to test those improved skills. It’s like taking an MBA prep course taught by a drill instructor.”

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Early testing of Crucible was conducted with College Startups from IBM Watson AI XPRIZE and Columbia University and the results are extremely encouraging.  The results of the scenario-based training showed dramatic improvements in management collaboration, tactical adaptability, problem solving, work agility and speed of task completion.

Why should an entrepreneur with a NYC start-up want to use Crucible? 

Brian Patrick, Co-Founder & CFO

At a Columbia University event with partners from Y-Combinator, we were asked by a VC, why a founder would pay for a coaching service like Crucible when accelerators already have experts. “Because the success rate of most startups at accelerators, especially those run by Millennials, has not been increasing. The focus is on business model advice and pitch competitions when younger founders really need intensive scenario-based training to improve their core competencies in managing people, processes, and technology.”

Todd Patrick, Co-Founder & COO

Todd responded in blunt Marine style:  “Drill baby, drill!  Train these Millennials and they will outperform previous generations, and they delineate the issues of socioeconomic progress making better startups and a better workplace.  Virtual meetings and data analytics are their mantra and so we designed Crucible to be a score-driven, online PvP gaming style. Like Fortnite for business.”


Is your NYC startup ready for Crucible? Let us know your thoughts.

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