De Blasio Tells ‘Shady’ Bagel Day Story

Egg-Everything Bagels. Image Courtesy of David's Bagels & Healthy Eatery in New City, NY.

Today is #NationalBagelDay, a day that is celebrated religiously in our parts.  In his festive mood, Mayor Bill de Blasio shared his personal favorite bagel.

“A toasted whole wheat with extra cream cheese from the Bagel Hole in Park Slope” — on Twitter.  Sounds innocent enough, there’s only one problem…

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They don’t toast bagels at the Bagel Hole in Park Slope!  Social media went nuts (slow news day) and broke into a debate about ‘toast vs. untoasted’.

After the mayor realized his error, he quickly deleted it and replaced it with this tweet.

Image Courtesy of Twitter

The mayor had a prior food related PR scandal after he ate pizza with a fork and knife. Online outrage included comments such as, ‘toast your bagel at home, it slows up the line’. Yikes..

The line at David’s Bagels in Rockland County, NY. Image Courtesy of

Many bagel purists (snobs) feel that a high-quality, fresh bagel doesn’t need to be toasted.  Everyone is familiar with the NYC heavy hitters like Black Seed Bagels, Russ & Daughters, yada, yada.  I like those too, don’t get me wrong.  But I also love the great bagels from random discrete strip malls too.

My personal favorite is an egg-everything bagel, untoasted (I only like my bagel toasted if it’s not fresh, just sayin’) with chive-cream cheese from David’s Bagels in New City, NY.  David’s has three locations in Rockland County, Valley Cottage, Pomona and New City.  Definitely one of my favorites in the ‘burbs.


What’s your favorite local bagel and what do you order??

We’re on the hunt for the best local food.  Tag your favorite bagel shop in the comments below and we’ll check ’em out!

*Must be located in NYC, North Jersey, Lower Hudson Valley or Long Island.

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