Dog Grooming Fun Extreme Makeovers That Bark a Statement

dog grooming
Image Courtesy of screenshot from New York Magazine YouTube video "These Incredible Sculptures Are Breathing Because They Are Dogs"

Too large to be a pocket pet, dog grooming fun has enabled larger pups to become a fashion accessory statement as well. Extreme makeovers have been turning barking fur babies into colorful and interesting works of art.

From a Simple Pet to a Dog Grooming Fashion Statement

Just as the children need to be bathed and groomed so do the doggies. Brushing the lovely coats free of knots and cleaning their teeth are just as important for a canine’s health as having a good diet. Now along with basic dog grooming needs, the pup is getting a day of a salon beauty makeover.

Dogs have evolved from mere pets to accessories thanks to celebs who began the trend of toting their mini pooches everywhere in designer bags matching their owner’s style. Along with love, pet parents are now giving their doggies a special makeover worthy to give the canine their own celebrity status.

The stylish doggie has now evolved attaining a style of his or her own beyond sitting in a designer bag. Pooches of all sizes are sharing the limelight with spectacular dog grooming that is worthy of a fashion runway.

dog grooming
Image Courtesy of Istolethetv vis Flickr

Extreme dog grooming is a hot fashion statement for the barking set. People are sprucing their pups in exciting ways that pose no harm but add a bit of whimsical fun to their pet’s appearance. Many owners are treating their dogs to a haircut and color to coordinate with their own stylish appearance.

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Dog Grooming Royal Makeover Carefully Carved and Dyed

Sculpting the pets’ fur coats into works of art is now a hot fashion statement and conversation starter. As reported by ABC News dog grooming competitions have made the extreme grooming trend even more exciting and have pushed creative boundaries.

dog grooming
Image Courtesy of Brett L via Flickr

Beyond painting toenails, imagination has taken over with the use of organic dyes and scissors to turn beloved pets into works of abstract art. Many are having their pup’s fluff trimmed to mimic other animals such as lions, pandas, and even camels and horses – or even a favorite cartoon type character.

Halloween is all-year-round with sweet dogs being transformed into dragons and ninja turtles through creative grooming. There are even pets donning wigs to add a totally new look to their style.

dog grooming
Image Courtesy of Roger Lichfield via Pexels – Dog dyed as Aubon University tiger mascot

When perking up one’s look it is exciting when people notice and remark with pleasing responses. Now the comments are being aimed at the furry mate’s new style as well. People are certainly having fun with this dog grooming trend by coordinating matching looks for themselves and pup to show off during a happy walk.

Furry family members and friends should be given the same unconditional love and treatment that they give to their humans. As long as the extreme dog grooming does not add stress or harm than why not let the family canine make a fashion statement all his or her own.

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