Driving in Manhattan Is About To Get (Even) More Expensive

Image by Pexels

Discussing “congestion pricing” in New York is a wonderful way to get into a fist-fight.  Throught the years, even the all-powerful Michael Bloomberg was unable to pass any congestion pricing during his three terms.

With that being said, today Governor Cuomo laid out a 10-point plan to transform the MTA with the dreaded congestion pricing.  On top of congestion pricing which would be similar to London, the Governor’s plan also includes massive management reform, shifting the MTA’s revenue stream and changing the command structure.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone that thinks the MTA doesn’t need additional funding and overall reform, but the largest point of contention is how do we get those funds.  Also let’s also be honest, the sheer number of vehicles (and greenhouse gasses) in Manhattan is absolutely out of control.

Strap-hangers and bikers seem to be on board, while the bridge-and-tunnel crowd tend to think it’s their god given right to drive anywhere in Manhattan once they enter at no additional cost.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been against congestion pricing and has pushed for a millionaire’s tax, which big surprise, didn’t go anywhere in Albany.

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Let’s take a look at the numbers..

The proposed congestion zone would be for any vehicles south of 61st street.

A “FIX NYC panel” put together by the governor recommended an $11.52 charge for cars, a $25.34 charge for trucks, and $2 to $5 per ride on for-hire vehicles entering congestion zones.  MTA fare hikes would cap increases to 2 % each year.  This plan as proposed would create an estimated $1 Billion in annual revenue

The plan if approved and passed in the Legislature in late 2020, could begin as early January 2021.  FYI, New Jersey residents will not be happy that the plan makes no mention of adding tolls on the East River bridges.

I thought the marijuana tax alone was supposed to take care of the MTA..

Let us know your thoughts on congestion pricing?