Easy Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Summer

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Just by adding a few small easy decorating touches to the abode will get the home ready to enjoy the warmth and fun that the sunshine of summer brings. Whether living the summer life at the beach, a big city or a home town, invite the sunshine inside.

Anything heavy and dark shouts hibernation so to help get out of the winter slump one will want to brighten up their surroundings.

Replace Weighty Accessories

Bulky knitted, woolen pillows and throws have no place in the summer decor. Bring in the fun of summer into a room with themed accessories that reflect the joyous seasonal fun.

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  • A nautical flare shouts summer decor.
  • Do the room up in red, white and blue to celebrate the patriotic themes from Memorial Day to July Fourth and Labor Day.
  • Think tropical by tossing in some bright exciting colors in greens, oranges, yellows, reds, and purples to reflect a beautiful summer sunset.
  • Swap out winter-themed artwork for new summer touches to hang on the walls

By easily making some very simple décor changes one will be ready to enjoy the glory of the summer months.

Swap Heavy Drapes

Send the heavy wintery drapery to the cleaners and then pack it away ready to re-hang for the colder weather. The windows as the eyes to the summery outdoors should act as a frame to view the beautiful summer views.

  • Enjoy a bit of a tropical taste by hanging wooden blinds that instantly wake up a room when the slats are opened or the blind is raised.
  • Soften the look by hanging sheer panels. Pull the sheers to the side to welcome the summer breeze and scents into the room through the open window.

The windows are now ready to bring the glow and feel of summer inside.

Goodbye Weighty Dark Bedding

Summer is the time to store away heavy bedding in exchange for lightweight decor. Change out duvet covers and dress the bed in lightweight summer quilts ready to cover one to promote a comfy snooze.

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  • Keep the colors soft and quiet in lovely tones of whites and blues as if reflecting the pretty summer sky.
  • Add a touch of light yellow to the mix to bring the taste of summer sunshine into the room.

Even with an air conditioner cooling the room weighty down comforters in dark colors have no place in the summer decor scheme.

Summer Themed Bath Touches

A bathroom can easily be summerized with new beach-themed accessories. With water running, the bathroom is the perfect space in the abode to bring in a bit of the summer by celebrating with a beach themed decor.

  • The shower curtain can easily act as a mural displaying a beach scene of sand, palm trees and blue sky or have fun with a fabric curtain showcasing tropical fish swimming.
  • Easily dress up the room in new towels to blend with the chosen decor theme.
  • Use a large shell as a soap dish.
  • Accessorize by adding candles surrounded by shells.

Relish the bathroom as the place that cleanses the body to rid it of the winter cold – celebrate the room with fresh summer décor.

Add Scents of Summer

Any decor can easily be refreshed simply by adding the scents of summer. Summertime recalls the aroma of coconuts and tropical fruits – like mangos and pineapples.

  • Candles, flameless candles, oils and soaps easily can be a beautiful added touch to any room.

Take in the scents – with closed eyes feel the body being transformed to a relaxing lounge on the beach.

Revel with a bit of simple decorating ideas prepared to celebrate living the taste that comes with the sunny days of the season. With a few effortless décor touches a delightful summer oasis awaits.

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