Enchante Home Equals Plush Towels with Great Price [Review]

Enchante Home
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Enchante Home lives up to its promise of luxurious living with its collection of extra soft Turkish cotton towels at a great price. The 100-percent zero-twist cotton makes the towels truly plush and comfy.

Navigating the website is extremely easy and makes it for delightful shopping when looking through offerings and comparing towel sets designs. The towels are available in a variety of neutral colors of greys, whites, and beiges, such as the Vague line – as well as several designs offering lovely shades of blue, purple and even pink. One certainly cannot beat the excellent price for towel sets that one would see sold for much more in a high-end store (see the end of review for code for an extra 10-percent off).

Enchante Home Towels Live up to Style and Comfort Promise

The Monroe style I chose, in the royal deep grey color of Anthracite with a contrasting trim of light grey, perfectly complements and provides a comforting cool feeling for the bathroom. These towels are truly soft to the touch upon unpacking and even before washing.

Beyond adding a nice touch to the décor, the Enchante Home product proves its quality absorbent qualities as one wraps themselves in the comforting towel upon exiting the shower or bath. The hand towel is the perfect complement for morning and nightly face care – as one needs softness for delicate facial skincare.

The bath towel is a nice size at 54-inches by 27-inches. This is more than sufficient for most people, but also offered by the company is the bath sheet at 67-inches by 35-inches for those who need a larger size option.

Enchante Home Proves Why Zero Twist Makes Best Towel

Zero-twist Turkish cotton is what sets the Enchante Home towels apart from some other common brands. Many may equate a heavy towel and thick with quality – this is actually-untrue. The process of zero-twist allows for towels to prove to be both plush and lightweight.

Other brand towels will fool at first but can prove inferior being made from short fibers that must be twisted to form the yarn. Therefore, the short fiber types of terry towels will feel hard and stiff and will be less absorbent.

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Enchante Home’s zero-twist means their towels are fashioned by a high-quality cotton yarn that is not twisted but crafted using a wrapping thread. This method allows for the weaving process to be accomplished without the breakage that can occur with the twist method. Once the weaving is finished the threads are removed to reveal the natural thick plush cotton product.

Towels by Enchante feel wonderfully light and airy while also being welcoming soft and cozy. No heaviness on back when wrapped in this towel. They are also easy to toss into the wash and dryer. In fact, washing proved easier and quicker than with inferior brands.

Towels can be tossed into a warm water wash without fear of weighing machine down. They dry very quickly and can be placed with other types of items as these towels proved to not shed at all – even in the very first washing. Shrinkage is barely nonexistent – simply remove from dryer and smooth out to have fresh towel to showcase in bathroom as if brand new. In fact, towels seem to get even plusher after washing.

Enchante Home is Home for Beach and Bed Too

One will surely be the envy of all at the beach or pool with Enchante Home’s beach towels. The cool 60-inch round beach towel is certainly a fun towel showcasing a mural of a

Enchante Home
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

hammock between two palm trees. The handmade edge fringe trim adds even more wonderful detail to this towel perfect for the entire family and to give as a gift.

The pool towel is crafted to be quick drying. This allows for one to not have worries of dragging a soaked towel home with them when the fun day out is over.

Being towel experts also makes Enchante Home the obvious go-to for a Turkish terry bathrobe. Three styles are available on the site in a waffle terry, shawl collar, and a hooded.

With their detail and quality of towels, this company has proved to offer wonderful products. To go with the bathroom is the bed. Enchante offers multiple choices for luxurious comforters and pillows in down, down alternative, wool, and cotton. Luxury European Down/Feather Comforter looks to be a winner. Match the comforter with the Luxury European Down Pillow or the Luxury European Down/Feather Pillow.

Moving into a new home it was with excitement when asked to review the Enchante Home towels. The thought of adding elegant Turkish towels to a newly renovated bathroom is a décor dream come true. Enchante Home towels positively prove to be a delightful added touch of comfort and style.

To get an extra 10-percent off already low prices simply go to Enchante Home to choose your items and use “enc10” at checkout.

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