Famed Museums Virtually Visited as Great Pandemic Diversion

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art - Ansan, South Korea - Image Courtesy of Google Earth Street View

Notable museums can now be visited virtually from the safety and comfort of the home by using Google Earth’s Street View. Google’s Museums Around the World allows all to enjoy and learn about art by taking virtual tours through famed institutions around the globe.

Palace of Versailles – Versailles, France – Image Courtesy of Google Earth Street View

In this new time of a pandemic, even those living in major cities such as New York City and Paris, cannot visit the closed world-renowned locations. Now everyone anywhere can take a tour of world-famous museums around the world with just some taps on the computer keyboard. This is the perfect activity for singles and families aching to escape the confines of the home base.

Relaxing Escape Visiting Fine Art

Google Earth has brought 28 beautiful museums from around the world into everyone’s easy reach ready to take a virtual tour of via the internet. This is a great diversion to slip into the escapism calmness of visiting the finest of art institutes.

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Dreams of visiting Florence and Madrid can now be brought to life on a computer screen. No need to worry about being exposed to others while achieving a free entry to the temporarily shuttered Musei Capitolini or a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Simply rotate the earth model using the mouse to stop in on a world-famous location. When clicking on a red marker one will be taken to that site – and the beginning of the museum’s tour.

Image Courtesy of Google Earth Street View

While the screen gives a 360 view of a room one can also stop and manipulate the mouse to zoom in and out as wanted – just as one would do actually-walking among the wondrous art. Double click the mouse at doorways to walk through. This is a beautiful way to take a stroll in a crowd-free Palace of Versailles.

To the right of the screen is a description of the museum. At any time one can restart to visit another museum by clicking on the Table of Contents to be taken back to the Earth view.

All Ages Will Enjoy This Travel Treat

Google Earth’s Museums Around the World is a great remedy to get away without leaving home. All can wander through famous museums to take in the major works of art. From the safety of home, the kids can have their world opened for even more learning opportunities.

With no travel costs nor travel time required, all achieve free entry to 28 famous museum locations. This is a great opportunity to also virtually visit in order to assist with planning future actual visits to locations.

This is an amazing opportunity for all to take a trip and get lost visiting wonderful treasures around the globe from the comfort of one’s own abode. Spend days strolling through the galleries of splendid museums.

The kids can jump inside the computer to be taken on a new adventure. This Google Earth’s Street View. Google’s Museums Around the World virtual experience not only serves as a pandemic diversion but brings actual travel dreams to life.

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