A Paterson city officer has been arrested by the FBI. Allegations say Officer Mathew Torres made unjust traffic stops to steal cash from motorist.  For you home-gamers, this is the 5th Paterson policeman arrested for corruption charges this year.  The news comes just 24 hours after a another officer was arrested. Officer Jonathan Bustios pleaded guilty to extortion and conspiracy charges in the illegal seizure of a handgun from a driver in exchange for a lesser charge.

Officer Torres, faces a charge of conspiring to deprive individuals of their civil rights under cover of law, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of NJ.  In at least one stop, he allegedly stole $1000 while pretending to write-up the cash on a report that never existed.

In April, Officer Ramos and Officer Bustios were also arrested by the Feds in connection with these investigations.

Video from an unrelated case, where officer manbun is clearly illegally searching a mans vehicle in broad daylight.  (Video by Paterson Times *Explicit Language)

Two other Paterson cops have also faced charges for the beating of a hospital patient that was suicidal. Officer McAusland and Officer Then, have since accepted plea deals in March. Oh yeah, McAusland also admitted to selling heroin and weed to a FBI informant and stealing crack cocaine and heroin from the scene of a crime.

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Yikes…  Extortion, Robbery, Police Brutality, Drug Dealing.  Is it just me or does this sound like the plot to American Gangster?

Do you think there are more officers that will be arrested?  Do you think this will be the turning point to Paterson finally cleaning up its act?