Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island
Image Courtesy of Bagel Master

Narrowing the choices to just the five best bagel places on Long Island is not an easy task when choosing among the top bakeries in the country. The Island, as with the City, is known as home to the best bagels in the nation. Eating our way to find the best can be fulfilling in many ways.

Reviewers have agreed on what establishments deserve the status of being the five best bagel places on Long Island. From the tried and true yummy traditional delights of onion and everything to newer flavors like blueberry, this was not an easy task.

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island

Bagel Master

Image Courtesy of Bagel Master

Lines leading out the door is certainly a sign of a great bagel bakery. Yes, the line may be long when seeking a weekend brunch treat, but it goes very quickly and worth the couple of minutes of waiting. Located in Syosset Bagel Master aims to please with the best bagels and flagels.

Customers take specific delight in noting that the flagels, flattened bagels, are the best they ever have had. Their flat bagels come in more choices than most bakeries from the common everything to choices like multigrain sunflower, cinnamon raisin, onion, sesame, whole wheat everything, and more.

The bagels bring true happiness with an added surprise of color with their tie-dye choice of flavor. Bagel Master even has a choice of diet bagels and gluten-free for those seeking their bliss on a diet. Bialys are on the menu as well. Make the bagel yummier with a choice of cream cheese spreads like jalapeno, cinnamon raisin, rainbow cookie, or more traditional such as lox, and vegetable

A&S Bagels

Since it opened in 1986 A&S Bagels has consistently been recognized as a top location and certainly worthy of one of the five best bagel places on Long Island. This certified kosher location in Franklin Square works nonstop 24 hours a day seven days a week making the circular delights.

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island
Image Courtesy of A&S Bagels

A&S Bagels are not only touted by their own retail customers but also sold wholesale to many metro area locations providing their fresh bagels to customers throughout NY City and Long Island. Stop in from early morning to late night for an authentic kettle boiled and freshly baked bagel.

Bagels come in an array of flavors to make choices interesting and diverse. Add a specialty cream cheese to truly enjoy a top choice that others seek to find.

Bagel Boss

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island
Image Courtesy of Bagel Boss

Bagel Boss is well known as a go-to place for delicious bagels for over 45 years. Now with 15 locations throughout Long Island, NYC, and Queens this business is the location sought out for bagels, bialys, and other goodies.

An interesting bit of history is that the Bagel Boss is the one that first created the delicious flat bagel known as the Flagel. The creation of the Flagel did not result from the storm of the popularity of scooping out doughy bagels. This flattened goodie was born from a power outage as stated by CEO of Bagel Boss, Adam Rosner:

“There was storm the night before which lead us to lose power. We had a refrigerator full of thousands of bagels that became over proofed and were not going to be able to be used for bagels. After playing around with the over proofed bagels and a few trial runs later, I figured out that if you flattened the bagels, seeded them, and baked with a specific bake time, the end result would be a flatter, crunchier bagel or as we know it, The Flagel. That night, the Flagel was born.”

Reviewers love this place and even have stated, “World’s best bagels.” Bagel Boss is truly a Long Island tradition for many and definitely one of the five best bagel places on Long Island. While many other bakeries state they will deliver nationwide Bagel Boss has created their own subscription plan for people to join the New York Bagel of the Month Club to enjoy fresh savories even in the sixth borough of Florida or as far as California.

Better On a Bagel

The two Suffolk County Better On a Bagel locations are well known for the round soft and chewy goodness made fresh every day. In its young ten-year time of being in business, this

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island
Image Courtesy of Better On a Bagel

bakery has certainly made an impact on the top lists of bagel bakeries.

Everything is better on a bagel and Better On a Bagel aims to please customers seeking more than their yummy cream cheese choices. Customers love the menu offering eggs and sandwich selections they have to place between the two halves of reviewed always fresh and soft goodness.

Long Island Bagel Cafe

Long Island Bagel Cafe is another bagel place that has found its popularity growing as they have expanded throughout Long Island. There are now eight locations on the Island and one in Westchester.

Five Best Bagel Places on Long Island
Image Courtesy of Long Island Bagel Cafe

Joe began this delicious adventure in 1990 and now runs the franchise with his brother-in-law Randy. Each bakery produces the bagels for the masses in the traditional rolled, boiled, and baked manner. Lines are long but worth it as they go fast and the reward is a truly delicious find. The menu includes many flavors of bagels and flagels along with lo-carb varieties and more.

Long Island Bagel Cafe goes well beyond other bakeries in their choice of cream cheese spreads. In addition to the many regular type choices are sun-dried tomato jalapeno, toasted garlic and herbs, apple walnut raisin, and chocolate chip. It is no surprise that reviewers agree that this establishment is worthy to be one of the five best bagel places on Long Island.

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