Five Best NY Pizza Places in South Florida

Image Courtesy of Scuotto's Pizza Cafe

Seeking the best NY pizza places in South Florida is the holy grail that every New Yorker hunts for when moving to, or visiting, the sunshine state. NY style pizza is held in the highest regard in the east coast communities of South Florida, often referred to as New York City’s sixth borough, as it is a true taste of home.

Discerning taste buds have reviewed and tallied up to report the best NY pizza places in south Florida.

Five Best NY Pizza Places in South Florida

Scuotto’s Pizza Cafe – Sunrise

No Best NY pizza places in South Florida list is complete without including the true gem that is Scuotto’s Pizza Cafe. This cozy establishment is family run with love by the Scuotto family transplanted in Florida from Brooklyn, NY.

best NY pizza places in South Florida
Image Courtesy of Scuotto’s Pizza Cafe

Eating a slice of pizza at Scuotto’s one instantly forgets they are not in NYC. The crust is just the right texture and crispness and the toppings taste like perfection. Vinny Scuotto told me their secret for achieving such NY centric masterful taste – and it is not the water. I will not disclose his secret here but definitely take the time to visit and ask in person.

In addition to the Best NY Pizza Places in South Florida, Scotto’s entices with a full menu of a true NY Italian restaurant. For dessert one must have a zeppola – melts in your mouth goodness just like grandma made.

Miami’s Best Pizza – Coral Gables, Miami

best pizza places in South Florida
Image Courtesy of Miami’s Best

Many relocated and visiting New Yorkers searching for the best NY pizza have discovered Miami’s Best Pizza located close to the University of Miami campus. College students are giving this restaurant high marks. One reviewer even stated that Miami’s Best is so great that it is responsible for her Freshman 15.

Sauce is perfect and they are also known for their garlic rolls. Old school is how all is made at Miami’s Best using hand-rolled dough and the best ingredients. They even still use their own delivery team to deliver the sought-out pizza.

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DePietro’s Pizzeria & Restaurant – West Palm Beach

This family has literally moved a piece of New York to West Palm Beach with DePietro’s Pizzeria & Restaurant and all their Yankees team memorabilia. Even a Mets fan will feel at home in this top five of the best NY pizza places in South Florida – joking with owners about which team is better.

best NY pizza places in South Florida
Image Courtesy of DiPietro’s Pizzeria

The family shuttered their NY restaurant to make the move to South Florida in 2005. DePietro’s quickly became known for the place in West Palm Beach to find award-winning NY pizza.

These pies are worthy to be one of the best NY pizza places in South Florida for the tasty crust and perfectly savory ingredients. The pizza is truly authentic NY – once one walks through the establishment’s doors they are transformed to feeling like they are back in the Bronx. Their calzones are a winner as well.

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City Pizza Italian Cuisine – West Palm Beach

best NY pizza places in South Florida
Image Courtesy of City Place

This full-service restaurant has been a fixture in the original City Place and maintained its sought-after status for its handcrafted pizzas. Definitely on the list of southern Florida best NY pizza places for their crispy thin crusts with tasty cheese and flavors that bring one back to NY.

Also on the full menu at City Pizza Italian Cuisine are gourmet pizzas, great sandwiches, and entrees. Do not leave without a bite of their amazing tiramisu.

Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria – Delray Beach

Word-of-mouth has sent those in search of the best NY pizza places in South Florida to Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria. New Yorkers know what they want – perfect crust and cheese

best NY pizza in South Florida
Image Courtesy of Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria

that is not greasy – and have discovered their pizza dreams do come true at this joint.

Bambini’s is owned by the same people who own The Boys Farmers Market. There are few displaced NYers who do not trust The Boys for delivering an abundance of NY tastes.

The unassuming take-out place offers the basics of pizza, Stromboli, subs, wraps, and salads. Keeping it simple allows for concentration on crafting pizza worthy of NY status.

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