Free Guided Breathwork Healing Lends Relief from Worries

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A free workshop for guided breathwork healing is the perfect prescription to reboot one’s energy. With a pandemic in full force, it is vital to find ways to heal, relax, and destress in order to stay healthy and move forward.

Known healer Jay Bradley, founder of Breathe On It, is the perfect person to take one on a breathwork journey. A childhood of being bullied drove him on a road of bad habits seeking to anesthetize his trauma. Eventually, Bradley realized the need to get on a new thoroughfare to find self-love to alleviate a life of pain. This is what triggered his spiritual and emotional voyage leading Bradley to find breathwork.

Breathwork Therapy to Rebalance

In this anxiety-riddled time, most are in deep need to discover thoughtful ways to gain control. Listening to Bradley gives one the encouragement that control can be attained to make life less stressful.

Breathwork allows for a person to find their center. Destructive patterns, thoughts, and behaviors are released through the breathing exercise. Negativity is replaced with a new energy that works to balance for a healthy body and mind – along with spirit.

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The practice pf breathwork is a great alternative for those who find it hard to sit still for meditation. By the physical actions of actively inhaling and exhaling one is energetically working to assist their body and mind. Bradley guides the special mouth breathing in a circular tempo to soothing music – with a first inhale from the belly moving to a second inhale from the chest – and then a breath released. Bradley fittingly calls it “Spiritual CrossFit.”

What is wonderful about the practice of breathwork is that it is a drug-free alternative, or the perfect addition to necessary medication, to fuel the brain to battle depression and addictions. While performing breathwork chemicals, such as Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Dimethyltryptamine, that are known to help the body feel better are released to the brain.

Breathwork as Taught by a Caring Master

Being guided through the exercise by Bradley is a unique experience as one lets out the negativity and pain through the breathing to replace by taking in a positive life force. He has us first lay down on the floor with a pillow and our eyes covered. As the body gives in to the breathing a surreal feeling takes over.

Bradley assists with telling us to let go even more with a shout or scream on the exhale. As my body and mind surrendered I began to feel my limbs relax to the point where my hands literally were lifted off the mat. Eventually, the healing coach talks us down and has us relax taking normal breaths. Very slowly I feel my hands drop back down to Earth.

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With caring thoughts, Bradley instructs us to wrap our arms around to hug ourselves. He then has us repeat affirmations of love towards ourselves and forgiveness towards another. This entire breathwork experience is cathartic as it is emotional but also an amazing energy workout allowing one to let go of the bad to let in the good.

The point of the breathing exercise is to help one disengage from the mindful troubles from the past and present. When letting go one can feel a separation from their body to allow for the achievement of finding new calming energy to replace stress.

As Bradley explains:

“Breathwork rewires the brain to get you in a better place that is long-lasting.”

Hand-Blended Oils Add Aid for Breathwork

Bradley has introduced his Chakra Balms in his effort to help with more avenues to achieve balance and destress. Fresh and organic ingredients are used to craft the balms that are filled with natural essential oils. Their formulations are based on the abundant offerings found in nature. Although not necessary, using the balms work to enhance breathwork.

Image Courtesy of Breath on It Facebook page

These hand-blended oils are customized to work with the body’s seven main energy points – or chief chakras – to help maintain stability. When chakras are not balanced then the flow of healthy energy in the body will be deterred. if these energy centers are not flowing smoothly one can become more agitated feeling bad energy of fear, anger, shame, grief, and guilt.

Although the body has many chakras the most important are the seven that track from the root – the spine’s base – to the crown – one’s top of head. Each of the chakras has a sole resolve and set frequency to assure that the body stays stable in health and spirit. Ensuring that the chakras are flowing correctly help when performing breathwork.

The Seven Chakras

Root Chakra – at base of spine represents foundation and grounded feeling. It affects the emotional issues of survival – linking to finance, money and food. This chakra is connected physically to the spine, rectum, legs, arms, and circulatory system.

Image Courtesy of LordtNis CC via Wikimedia

Sacral Chakra – approximately two inches below navel and two inches in allows for the connection and capability to accept others and fresh experiences. Well-being, pleasure, and sexuality come from this chakra and it is linked to the reproductive organs, kidneys, bowels, and immune system.

Solar Plexus Chakra – in the upper abdomen of the stomach area provides for the ability to feel confident and in control. Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem are associated with the solar plexus chakra while it is associated with the central nervous system, pancreas, liver, digestive tract, and skin.

Heart Chakra – just above the heart in the center of the chest gives the ability to love. Love, joy, and inner peace all come from this chakra that is related with the heart, thymus, lower lungs, circulatory system, and immune system.

Throat Chakra – affects the ability to communicate. Located in the throat this chakra is about communication, self-expression of feelings, and the truth. It physically affects the thyroid, respiratory system, teeth, and vocal cords.

Third Eye Chakra – in between the eyes on the forehead it lends to focusing on the bigger picture. The Third Eye deals with intuition, imagination, wisdom, the ability to think and make decisions. This chakra is associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, and sinuses.

Crown Chakra – at the very top of the head it signifies the aptitude to be spiritually connected fully. Emotionally it represents inner and outer beauty, spiritual connection, and unadulterated bliss. The pineal gland, brain, and nervous system are affected by the Crown Chakra.

Free Guided Breathwork Healing Session

The spiritual guru made it his mission to help others to heal – to let go of destructive life patterns and addictions. From his own love Bradley offers a free guided breathwork healing session to get others on a journey to learning how to gain more peace and balance.

Bradley does note that breathwork and the Chakra Balms do not replace traditional healthcare but are a healthy addition for the road to wellness. If warranted one should consult a health professional with any personal questions regarding the addition of new healing practices.

Seeking ways to heal mentally and physically is of utmost importance especially in these uncertain times. Breathwork is just what is ordered for those seeking a fresh balanced life filled with new energy, self-love, rejuvenated mind and body health, and mindfulness.

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