Hackensack is Changing and in the Middle of it All is a Hidden Gem

Hackensack Street Art. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

The city of Hackensack located in the heart of Bergen County and just outside of New York City, is experiencing a renewal. As the plans are coming to fruition, the buildings are being constructed, art is being created on Main street and the future is bright.

Union Street Park. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

Off the beaten path is Union Street Park, a collection of street art curated and led by Darrius-Jabbar Sollas (aka Nasty Neo) featuring artists including Hef, Meres One, Pase, Sue Works, and Yes One.

Hackensack Street Art. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

The park is an incredible array of street art displayed on the walls of the buildings surrounding it. A black backdrop provides the perfect environment for the tags and bright colors to really pop and catch your attention. The art itself is not permanent, and it changes over time. It is vibrant, full of life and inspires in a small up-and-coming city atmosphere.

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Hackensack Street Art. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

Interesting fact, one of the contributors at Union Street is Brooklyn based aerosol artist, Meres One who offers a unique connection to the arts, as the founder of 5pointzcreates Collective. You will remember that 5Pointz was in Long Island City and just an incredible display of graffiti art before being permanently erased. For the 5Pointz enthusiasts like myself, you can view works from the original artists at The Museum of Street Art / Citizen M on the Bowery in NYC.

Hackensack Street Art. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

Emerging street art is a true sign of a neighborhood changing and committing to the arts program. It brings hope, structure and creativity to neighborhoods, while supporting the individual artists. As Hackensack continues to grow it will be a journey to watch, explore, discover and partake in.

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