Harry Nilsson ‘Harry & Me’ is Loving Masterpiece of Memories

Harry Nilsson
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Harry Nilsson is being revived in the beautiful book, “Harry & Me,“ filled with over 200 memories in a collection of stories by fans and fellow musicians. Nilsson knew how to touch souls with his words and music with pure love that one feels while perusing the biography’s pages.

“Harry & Me” speaks truth as to how Nilsson’s songs, if not the man himself, have become brilliantly well recognized for generations. Pure genius mixed with genuine talent is what made the song maven the Beatle’s favorite recording artist.

Beatles and Nilsson Mutual Love

Nilsson was a Beatle fan before the number one band even knew who he was. The Fab Four inspired Nilsson’s early writing of three outstanding songs. He wrote “Without Her,” “1941,” and “Don’t Leave Me” all in a single night while working at Security Pacific Bank as a computer operator.

In 1967 Nilsson’s first album, “The Pandemonium Shadow Show” was released on RCA. The record included “Without Her,” “1941,” and the Beatle’s song “You Can’t Do That.” Derek Taylor, The Beatles’ press officer, happened to be waiting in his car for his wife when “Pandemonium” played on his radio. It was kismet. Taylor sent a copy of the album to each Beatle and the members became adoring fans touting Nilsson as their most beloved US band.

The songwriter was so brilliant that many believe he could have surpassed the Beatles if not for his horrific stage fright that prevented the master from performing live. His shyness also kept him from promoting his songs.

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Nilsson Kept from Notoriety Due to Stage Fright

One of the song master’s most recognized songs was his only single, “Everybody’s Talkin’,” from the movie “Midnight Cowboy.” Due to Nilsson’s fear of the stage many fans of the song had no idea who the genius behind it even was.

Consequently, there is only a rare minority who saw Nilsson actually play. Just a small few of the hundreds of fans and musicians who contributed memories to “Harry & Me” saw him perform in an audience-type setting.

Jimmy Webb, well-known American songwriter, composer, and singer tout about Nilsson’s songs – “there’s nothing like them.” While producer Richard Perry remarks on his vocal style, “[Nilsson is] the supreme singer of any generation.” The songs are truly what has kept the love alive for Nilsson alive for so many years after his death at age 52 in 1994.

Nilsson Bio ‘Harry & Me’ Showcases Musical Genius

The publication of the book of memories coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of album “Nilsson Schmilsson” and the smash-hit single “Without You.” To be released Oct

Harry Nilsson
Image Courtesy of This Day in Music Books

14, 2021, the first 1000 copies will come with a bonus CD, “Harry on Harry.” The CD is filled with rare recordings from the 60s, 70s, and 80s of Harry Nilsson talking about everything from Bertrand Russell to The Beatles.

“Harry & Me” began as a labor of love collecting anecdotes, tales, stories, and adventures shared by fans, friends, and musicians. While the book’s author and major HarryHead fan, Neil Watson, was midway through gathering the hundreds of interviews and quotes he came across a treasure. Watson discovered more than three hours of never-before read interview recordings Harry had made back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

These very personal reflections by Nilsson on his career have been transcribed and added to the book. The additions have turned the compilation into a hybrid of a Nilsson biography of stories by fans along with his own autobiography. The book proves even more added interest that includes rare and personal photos and memorabilia from the fans.

All lovers of musical mastery will appreciate the compilation for its insight into the memorable legacy of some of the most life-affecting songs ever recorded. “Harry & Me” is a magical read of beautiful found memories giving a behind-the-scenes tour of the unique talented shy master of song that is Nilsson.

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