Have you Seen the Goats in the City? (Video)

New York City is Going Back to Nature

Photo by Laraine Davis .

Last week, the NYC Parks Department brought 12 goats into Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  The herd of adorable goats will be here all summer in Riverside Park to munch on the steep terrains’ invasive species.  Some of the their local favorites are the horrific Japanese Knotweed and Poison Ivy.

More and more it seems goats are the animal trend of 2019.  ‘Goat Yoga‘ had become a huge sensation in the past few years, then recently got banned from health concerns, womp womp. While using goats to control weeds has been around since early man, the concept of using them in modern cities is exploding with its great results.  Using goats for weed control is trending in cities across the country.  Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Knoxville have all went ‘el natural’, just to name a few. The goats have even be used in western states to eat up underbrush and reduce the risk of forest fires.

If you have 22 minutes, I strongly encourage watching Allan Savory show us how large scale grazing can reverse desertification and global warming.

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#GoatLife.  Image by Snapwire.

The grazing is simply amazing for the ground.  The goats control weeds without harmful pesticides and their droppings make the ground more fertile and increase biodiversity.

Are you on ‘Team Goat’?

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