Independence Day Poem

 The fight for freedom,

should not just be remembered at a museum,

or reflected only at a sports’ colosseum.

It is the about the passion for victory,

that a group of people won despite past agony,

and that the chains of oppression were broken,

while life’s new liberties have awoken.


Celebrate your land’s beauty,

and commemorate the fallen for their duty,

for the good and the brave who prevailed for your nation,

helped bring peace through an agreed upon declaration.

Being in a resourceful and thriving civilization:

calls for cheers, thanks to Independence Day’s foundation.

-Keila Alvarado

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Keila is a Screenwriter, Film Director, Producer, Content Writer, Poet, and Event Organizer, who has years of diverse experience as a professional. She also serves as an Associate Producer for TV/Film/Animation production company. Keila is promoting her award-winning film. She has other projects on her slate. Keila also chairs a board chapter role in the NAMIC. Keila speaks English and Spanish. Her hidden talents include singing, acting, editing, and cooking. Hobbies include traveling, being on a production set, watching film, attending events as a fashionista, and helping others.