Innovative Fireplace Options to Heat up Even Rentals

fireplace options
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An array of fireplace options allows just about everyone to enjoy the warmth of a hearth in the home. No longer is it just a dream to sit by a cozy fire. With the available choices, one can have a bit of warmth in every room of the abode.

Fantasies about having a fireplace to cuddle up by can now become a reality. In addition to the traditional permanent fireplaces, there are many alternatives to achieve the fireplace experience in any living situation.

Traditional Wood Burning Fireplace Options

Owning a home provides for the possibility of installing a conventional wood-burning fireplace. This allows for the traditional experience of the scent of wood burning in the air. An extra added benefit for this fireplace option is that it permits cooking and heating water – perfect when dealing with an electricity outage.

fireplace options
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This is certainly costly requiring permits and hiring of professionals to install the fireplace – not to mention the mess of construction. A skilled contractor will need to be hired to build a chimney and the entire structure with the venting system. Be prepared for the maintenance of cleaning the ashes as well as the chimney and flue.

Gas Fireplace Options

Gas fireplaces are wonderful alternatives for homeowners as they are simpler to install. They are also generally easier to get a permit for – many municipalities will refer to a gas unit as a heating element for the home rather than just decorative.

fireplace options
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Professional contractors and plumbers should put these permanent units in so that the gas lines, pipes, and venting are all installed properly and safely. These fireplace options provide a lovely genuine flame and plenty of heat to warm up a large area.

Gas inserts can be purchased to turn a traditional wood-burning fireplace into a clean alternative for easy use.

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Portable Fireplace Options of Gel

An environmentally friendly gel is a fantastic alternative for those seeking beautiful portable fireplace options – it provides the ability to have a real fire in locations that would otherwise not be possible. Those residing in apartment buildings, offices, and rentals can easily enjoy the warmth of a fireplace that can move with them.

fireplace options
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The gel unit is simple to use – just light the substance with a lighter or match. A beautiful flame will mesmerize and comfort just as in a wood-burning or gas. This versatile fireplace option provides warmth in an array of sizes, shapes, and designs.

A gel fireplace can be compact to sit upon a tabletop or a freestanding floor model. They can have a more traditional appearance or a savvy contemporary appeal. These are great for moving from room to room – or even to an outdoor patio for entertaining.

There are also wall-mounted gel fireplace options as well as using a log set made for gel as an alternative inside a traditional fireplace. Be certain to have a nice supply of gel in reserve to replace cans as needed.

Electric Fireplace Options

Electric fireplaces are no longer those hideous fixtures that were brought out to fool Santa at holiday time. The modern electric fireplace options have various designs that make it a great alternative to ugly space heaters.

fireplace options
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Energy-efficient electric hearths work as forced air heaters with thermostat heat controls. These allow for extra needed heat to a cold room while providing a beautiful fireplace experience. If heat is not wanted, then the electric fireplace has the added option to enjoy the glow of the fire without the warmth.

Electric fireplaces come in many design choices from a traditional wood-burning stove look to a sleek wall-hung contemporary design ready to fit within any decor. One can even have an electric unit within a media unit or bookcase. It is important to remember that the electric fireplace option needs to be located near an electrical outlet.

With a pandemic that has kept most sequestered in their abodes, a cozy fire may be just the emotional comfort that is needed. Choosing the right fireplace options is perfect for a touch of warmth both in the air and to the décor for any room.

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