We went to Midtown to Meet up with the Entrepreneur and Jewelry Expert.


Can you tell our readers about where you were born and raised?

I was born in Manhasset and raised upstate in New City, Rockland County.

Where and what did you study in college? 

I went to University of Wisconsin and majored in Communications.

Do you currently live in NYC?

I do live in NYC and have for the past 12 years. (I’m dating myself here)

Tell us about the creation of “I do now I don’t”?

I Do Now I Don’t was the brain child of my brother, Josh Opperman who was left with an engagement ring after a broken engagement. When he tried to sell back the ring to the jeweler he was only offered about 40% of what he originally paid. We figured out there had to be, not only a better way to recoup the money on your preloved rings, but also a safer avenue. What makes IDoNowIDont different is our verification process. Every item sold on our site comes to our offices to be authenticated.

It seem you have ton of exposure from major media outlets, at what point would you say you knew things were moving in the right direction? 

Within weeks of launching the site, we received so much press. Right after we did an interview on Valentine’s Day with CNN, our website crashed for 2 weeks from all the traffic of people trying to get on our site and it was then that we realized we had something special.

It’s such a great concept, At the time were there any competitors in second hand high end jewelry? 

At that time, there were no other online secondhand jewelry sites. The only competition was eBay or Craigslist, but our model that ensured safe transactions made us different.

At what point where you acquired by DELGATTO, tell us about this merger?

In 2015, I Do Now I Don’t merged with the epinomous, DELGATTO. This was extremely exciting for us. We had known about Chris Del Gatto for years as someone who helped make the secondhand industry desirable and so having the pleasure to work with him has been a dream come true.

How has the merger helped your brand? 

The merger with DELGATTO has really brought our business to the next level. It introduced us to new clientele, higher-end items and a brick and mortar office where people can come in directly to sell their jewelry.

Did you have any difficulty breaking into this new market?

No, we were well received from the beginning, and especially now with people wanting to reduce their carbon foot print, buying secondhand is considered a great alternative.

Mara Opperman

Tell us how you spend your average work day? 

Juggling balls. lol. I am constantly running around from meeting to meeting, talking to clients, and putting out fires. On a fun note, I get to look at a lot of beautiful jewelry and sometimes when i have time, I love to try on some of these unique pieces.

What social media platforms have worked well for your company?

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Where do you run your company from?

We have an office located down the block from the Cartier mansion on 52nd street and Madison avenue.

Besides engagement rings what other items do you provide? 

We have all types of jewelry, not just engagement rings. We have expanded into everything including watches, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, etc.

When not shopping for Jewelry, what are some other websites/brands you prefer? 

I love music as I used to be in the industry–so when not shopping, I spend time searching and listening to new bands.

What are some ways you are thinking of expanding your brand?

We are currently expanding our platform and opening up offices in other countries. We also have some major projects in the works, which will be known to the public soon enough!

Lastly, tell our readers where they can find your merchandise online?

Please check us out at: www.IDoNowIDont.com


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