Interview with Helen Denise, “Miss Ovulation”


Today NYNJ chats with Helen Denise of Paramus, NJ, the founder of HiLin Life Products Inc. and the driving force behind KNOWHEN, the #1 advanced saliva ovulation test and fertility monitoring app which answers the age-old question about the most natural way a woman can conceive—by tracking her ovulation cycle.

Image by Helen Denise

How did you come up with the idea of creating KNOWHEN?

I was at the peak of success and happiness in my career, I almost died from an unplanned, ectopic pregnancy. On the third day after having the operation to remove the embryo, I learned about a device that allows every woman to watch her gynecological health, her menstrual/ovulation cycles and to avoid problems like those I had just gone through. After studying and researching the subject, I decided this was my new mission.

How can women use KNOWHEN?

Very simply. Just by checking their saliva the first thing in the morning with the KNOWWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit, which features a professional-quality, reusable mini-microscope to detect her five most fertile days.

Image by KNOWHEN

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What advice would you give a woman who is struggling to get pregnant?

Please relax, enjoy intimacy with your loved one, follow a healthy lifestyle and try to avoid such habits as smoking and drinking alcohol, and limit your intakes of caffeine and fats. Learn your unique ovulation cycle. If you have been unable to conceive for 12 months, you meet the criteria for infertility. First, be sure you are ovulating. Second, if you are ovulating, see a doctor to determine whether there are any physical factors preventing conception. Third, if there are not any impediments, ask your partner to be checked out, as well. (More than 35 percent of infertility cases are found to be the partner’s problem.) Twelve months, however, gives you plenty of time to try to conceive on your own. Be aware that many women begin to become stressed after three or four months of unsuccessful conception, so block your mind. Simply be happy, patient, and give nature time to work its magic.

Ovulation Tracker by KNOWHEN. Image by KNOWHEN.

What are some facts and myths about fertility and ovulation?

All woman are different and there is not one rule for everyone. A woman can conceive even at the age of 48, 50. No worries about age. Meanwhile, after the age of 27, start checking your ovulation cycle on a monthly basis, because women have a complete ovulation cycle, just once in 10 months. Regular menstrual cycles mislead many women and they become stressed after their first attempts to become pregnant. No need. Nature is very clever and has the answer—it’s in your saliva. In addition, the length of an ovulation cycle can vary from woman to woman and even each month. And stress is not the only thing that can affect ovulation. It also can be affected by health issues, travel, and even unexpected excitement.

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