Interview with Marketing Guru and Owner of Splendor Design, Adam Taylor

Image by Splendor Design.

Splendor Design is a company that continues to win awards for a wide array of projects on both sides of the Hudson.  Their incredible design team has created some iconic projects making it one of the hottest companies in our area.  They have become the go-to company for real estate marketing and branding.  We had an opportunity to sit down with Splendors owner Adam Taylor.

Can you tell our readers a bit about your work history prior to establishing Splendor?

I started primarily doing logo design and layout for a number of print shops across the region. From color chemist to graphic designer to press operator, I began primarily in production, but moved my way into design and eventually strategy.

Founder & Owner Adam Taylor.  Image by Splendor Design.

Have you always been a creative type? Any early inspiration you would like to share?

I’m a musician and artist, and I got my start “designing album covers” in grade school – creating cool sleeves for mixtapes. I’ve always been interested in art, but leaped into design marketing once I graduated college.

Tell us a bit about Splendor and what makes your firm stand out?

We’re a growing creative firm that is equal parts branding, web and marketing, but our team is highly intelligent players that bring big agency creative and ideas to small and mid-sized businesses. Few firms our size can boast work histories that include clients like Mercedes-Benz, Heineken, Sprite, etc.

“Splendor, is changing the way commercial real estate properties are promoted in New Jersey by incorporating creative marketing techniques used for major consumer brands”. 

Can you elaborate on this statement and what you’re doing that is different?

Rather than drone on about ourselves and how great we are, we attend CRE industry events, we listen and study the industry and trends, we collaborate with big-picture thinkers, and we bring a fresh perspective to the market. Commercial Real Estate has been slow to adopt emerging marketing strategies and technologies. There’s a big opportunity for us to help push the industry forward, but it can’t happen unless all the players are truly invested.

What are some topics you will be discussing at Bisnow’s New Jersey Repositioning Summit on April 17th in Jersey City?

We’ll be discussing the following:

NJ has been called expensive for businesses, but the truth is the benefits and opportunities far outweigh the costs. Top industry leaders discuss this topic.

As aging office parks struggle to remain viable, industrial properties present great opportunities for both logistics (think retail shifting to online and distribution centers) and the potential cannabis industry.

What is the future for NJ development for the next 2, 4, 10 years?

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With the business world changing faster than ever, what are some changes you have noticed in the past few years?

Historically, businesses had an abundant talent pool to choose from, and high unemployment rates meant recruiters held the cards. With low unemployment and scarcity of labor, competition for talent is stiffer.

The incoming, younger workforce craves more urban workplace environments that offer an experience. As such, properties located closer to downtowns are positioned well, as are those close to public transit.

Remote and telecommuting positions have grown in popularity, and so have open-work spaces, replacing cubicles of the 80s and 90s. Even law firms are adopting more collaborative spaces and fewer private offices. But it remains to be seen in these trends are beneficial (profitable) over the long-term.

What are some changes you expect to come to your industry in the next few years?

More remote team players (though fewer at Splendor). More consolidation of smaller teams to form mid-level operators.

If the economy takes a downturn, a lot of the bandwagon pop-ups will fade back down. The market is flooded with template operators and formulaic tacticians who lack the insight or experience to create meaningful impact (or relationships).

How many people does Splendor employ in New Jersey?


Your work seems to transcend multiple industries; are there additional markets that you would like to expand into?

Although we’ve focused on Commercial Real Estate over the past 7 years or so, we say that we’re category agnostic. We have great clients in the liquor and spirits category, in higher education, and in tech and professional services.

Can you give us a breakdown of how your company is broken down?

Roughly speaking:

30% branding

40% custom web design

30% marketing

Can you tell us a bit about your firm’s involvement in the Textile Lofts residential property in Newark?

J&L Companies hired Splendor to help them tell the story of their newly completed Textile Lofts project. They brought their historical textile factory vibe into the digital age. Image by Splendor Design.

We were approached by J&L Companies in Newark to help them design a website for the project. It evolved into a branding exercise as well. We needed to craft a creative story behind the project and the developer to help sell the idea that J&L has invested into the area for decades, and that Textile Lofts is a centrally located, optimally positioned property with great access to the rising city of Newark. The website design and narrative throughout the pages pulls at millennials’ need for a modern, cool space, but with walkable amenities and a diverse, colorful neighborhood.

Can you tell our readers about another recent project you are proud of?

95 Greene Street in Newark. Image and Web Design by Splendor Design.

We recently rebranded a property and launched the website for 95 Greene Street in Jersey City. This was the old Colgate building in downtown. Amazing historical building with structure and floor plate to die for. Super high ceilings, unbeatable location, and the developer/landlord is SJP Properties – who is among the best property owners in the state. This project required some digging and research to find a cool angle, and the design marries state of the art improvements and amenities with Jersey City’s undeniable cool surge upward. Very cool project.

Aside from Bisnow, are there any other upcoming 2019 events we should be on the lookout for?

NYC’s Hottest Opportunities – May 14th

NAIOP’s CRE Awards Gala – May 16th

Bisnow Gold Coast Summit – Jun 12th

Please tell us about a newer employee at Splendor that has been standing out?

Chris Brignola – Executive Creative Director. Chris joined Splendor last June, bringing a wealth of agency experience to our team. Chris has been a quick study in the CRE world, and he has attended events with me over the last 6 months or so. He’s a great complement to me and we’re having great success in new business development efforts.

Thank you for sitting down with us today, you really do great work!

Thank you for having me on NYNJ.

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