Interview with Williamsburg’s ‘Brooklyn Running Company’

Image by Brooklyn Running Company.

Today NYNJ is headed to 222 Grand Street in ultra-trendy Williamsburg to check out ‘Brooklyn Running Company‘.

Tell us a little about your company’s story?

Brooklyn Running Company opened in November 2013. We’re an independent, specialty running store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our mission is to be a resource and community hub for the entire NYC running community.

Sneaker shopping. Image by Brooklyn Running Company.

Who started BRCo? Tell us a little about his or her background and how they got where they are? 

Co-Founder Matthew Byrne. Image by Brooklyn Running Company.

We have two co-founders, Matthew Rosetti and Matthew Byrne. They’re both runners and have a wealth of experiences to share, which is a big reason they opened BRCo. They went to high school together and decided to use their combined knowledge and experience to open our store in 2013. We’re lucky to have them!

What is unique about your shop vs other similar stores?

Our store prides itself on its curated product offering, so having items that really reflect our customer base and the ideology that we preach every day, whether that relates to footwear, great apparel, or injury prevention equipment. There’s something for everyone here, and yet the products are engaging and different enough to set us apart.

Who are the people in your target demographic? 

We have a very expansive customer base. Beginners are our specialty is practically our motto! We also serve plenty of hardcore, every-day runners, plus athletes and people who “just warm up on the treadmill” before their workout, we have something for everybody. We carry a thoughtfully curated assortment of footwear and apparel and take pride in meeting the varied demands and requirements of our wide-ranging spectrum of customers.

Image by Brooklyn Running Company.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re always looking to feature different products and services that we think will help to further serve our community members. We love working with boutique brands and are always on the hunt for good products and ways to tell stories through our assortment. Also, we put on a lot of events here at the shop and within our local community. One big thing we do in the summer is The Brooklyn Mile, a one mile road race that takes place through the streets of Williamsburg. It’s a ton of fun, both to run and for us to plan, so we’re looking forward to the next edition of the race that will take place on June 16th this year. Registration will open soon!

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What would you say is the best feature of your retail store?

Our staff is amazing. We have a ton of really dynamic and multi-faceted human beings here at the shop. Everyone’s super friendly and down to earth. We look forward to meeting the demands of our customers and delivering on the experience in every way that we can.

Our store works with a very cool running apparel brand called RunBK Apparel. Our employees get direct access to the pieces, have some say in the engineering and product design, and sometimes get to wear-test the product. It’s a small brand, but one that we’re excited to carry and it’s nice to have the local connection.

Image by Brooklyn Running Company.

How much of your business is online vs in store?

We’ve just opened up our online store and are adding products to it regularly. We don’t list all of our in-store products online at this time, but we like to keep a revolving assortment of some of our best-selling items online, plus things that give people a good impression of our store and what we do here. We do the vast majority of our business in store, but it’s nice to be able to have some products listed online so that people can browse some of what we have before they come in and also buy some of our private label apparel and accessories if they’re not based locally.

What are some local businesses (restaurants, etc) in Williamsburg that you like?

There’s so much here. There’s so much great food, great bars, anything you’d want. Our staff loves a restaurant called The Bee Hive Cafe and a bar called Lucky Dog. They let dogs in to the bar, so in the summer afternoon, it’s a can’t miss spot. There’s a really great chiropractic studio that a lot of our staff frequent called House of Chiropractic and a very cool clothing shop down the street called Bed Stuy Fly. McCarren park is also close by which has a track and a field that you can run on, so that’s great for us as well.

GM Wil Cramer. Image by BRCo.

For more information please visit:

222 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211



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