JD Belcher’s ‘The Inescapable Consequence’ Fantastical Read

The Inescapable Consequence
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“The Inescapable Consequence” (Yorkshire Publishing), by J.D. Belcher, is a true fantastical read with a mix of mystery and paranormal in a nod to the style of the grandmaster Stephen King. The book combines a modern interpretation of the fallen angel Azazel with the intermixing of diverse religions and cultures depicted for end times of modern-day life.

This Pittsburgh-based fantasy thriller takes us inside the mind of Cashe – the mixed-race pizza delivery driver who is the story’s protagonist. Cashe is afflicted with severe sleep

The Inescapable Consequence
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apnea. Stark nightmares of a mysterious demon are triggered after moving in and then marrying his wife Kia – a second-generation Egyptian-American.

A sequence of unusual encounters keep readers captured throughout “The Inescapable Consequence.” Cashe is led to witness a murder and to receive an ominous warning from a homeless man known as “Prophet.” In addition, the lead character is brought to an otherworldly meetup with Tulpehoken – a young angel, and a meeting with an assistant manager who showcases odd telekinetic capabilities.

These meetings bring Cashe to discovering an apocalyptic secret society mingling among civilization. The circumstances drive him to an unimaginable destiny.

‘The Inescapable Consequence’ Keeps Reader Engulfed

Belcher blends together supernatural lifestyle components along with conspiracy theories to craft a thought-provoking story that keeps the reader engulfed. The author has also made Pittsburgh a character in the story in his description of the urban landscape. “The Inescapable Consequence” details the way too often untold stories of behind-the-scenes activities among employees of America’s large franchise and small immigrant-owned pizza shops.

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The story is very timely with an interpretation of the fallen angel Azazel – a character known from literature, film, art, and video games – along with the melding of religions, ethnic groups, and cultures. As one becomes engulfed in the story it is obvious why there is a buzz of a movie to come. Talks are underway that “The Inescapable Consequence” film is to be directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Devil, Split, The Visit).

Interview with JD Belcher

Revealed through an interview are true insights into the unique qualities that drove Belcher to pen “The Inescapable Consequence.”

Carol Ruth Weber: What inspired you to write this novel?

J.D. Belcher: There were several different negative societal phenomena which I desired to address on some level, perhaps even subconsciously—marriage and divorce, race and ethnicity, faith and religion, the supernatural and the paranormal, gun culture, and mass shootings. When I realized that indeed, this is really what the novel was about, the challenge then was how to successfully refine the narrative and the characters and all the components of the story in a way which would make a lasting impact on the reader.

CRW: How does the protagonist reflect you as the writer?

JDB: There is a quote by the late Toni Morrison where she said, “If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written, you must be the one to write it.” I felt that it really hit the nail on the head as far as what I was trying to do with “The Inescapable Consequence.”

When I consider both American and foreign film and literature, I can’t say I’ve found very many stories which address a particular type of character whom I call the American mulatto, especially within the context of paranormal, fantasy, or supernatural fiction. Historically, one can find tales of miscegenation coming out of the early part of the century from writers like Nella Larson, Langston Hughes, Harriet Jacobs, or James Weldon Johnson. But not too many contemporary ones.

Because I obviously come from an ethnically and racially mixed background, naturally I desired to find art, literature, and film in which I could relate. When I couldn’t find any, the impetus then fell on me to create that. So, even though I might share some experiences of the protagonist, in a broad sense, those same happenings can be related to by others with my same background, and hopefully link to everyone who is part and parcel of the American culture. If not through the genealogical angle, possibly through the others like divorce, religion, mass shootings, and of course, pizza.

CRW: Did you write the story during the pandemic and did the pandemic come into play in what and how you created the story and characters?

JDB: No, not at all. The meat and the bones of the story were finished long before the pandemic hit. I was well into the final stages of editing and polishing up the novel when the coronavirus began to spread.

CRW: What is next for you as a new writer of fiction?

JDB: With the cliffhanger at the end of the novel, I set myself up for not only a sequel but hopefully a trilogy. There are a lot of questions which need to be answered and so many places where the story can go. I’m looking forward to getting back into writing mode since the past year has been spent on other aspects of the publishing process.

The author, screenwriter, and journalist has also written “Hades’ Melody” – a memoir that was longlisted for the 2019 Sante Fe Writers Project literary award. Belcher is currently editor for the online news publication “The Yellow Party News” and the daily devotional website “Ephod and Breastplate.” “The Inescapable Consequence” is Belcher’s first fiction novel.

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