Jersey City Events Company Launches Virtual Options, Carries Out Televised Wedding

‘Greater Good Events’ sees couple tie knot on NY1; predicts virtual weddings may become long-term possibility

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Jersey City-based company, Greater Good Events, has launched a virtual events package, which includes wedding options. Image courtesy of

Greater Good Events, a sustainable event-planning company based in Jersey City, NJ, launched a virtual package to plan and oversee a variety of virtual events, including weddings. Last week, the company helped Julie and Matt Haicken, a couple from Brooklyn, get married in their apartment live on Spectrum News (NY1) – an event that was viewable by both family and friends.

The company’s recent televised event comes as the wedding industry has been left bruised by COVID-19. In its wake, thousands of couples have been forced to put their “big day” on hold. Still, some couples refuse to let the virus derail their plans.

The New Jersey-based company was originally planning the Haickens’ in-person wedding scheduled for August. With postponement likely, Greater Good Events’ new virtual wedding package helped the couple take the next step. Their list of local vendors provided the couple with a bridal gown rental, bouquet and boutonniere, a mini wedding cake, beauty tutorials from salons and more. Greater Good Events also partners with photographers to provide virtual photo sessions with couples for weddings or engagements.

“We are positioning Greater Good Events as a one-stop shop for couples looking to conduct a virtual wedding, but still have a functional and ceremonial experience,” said Ellen Hockley-Harrison, CEO of Greater Good Events. “My company’s goal is to make sure these festive events can continue. That includes the traditional items associated with them – from the cake, dress and rings, to décor and even the marriage license.”

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Greater Good Events organized a wedding recently broadcast live on NY1. Image courtesy of

Services of this event-planning company include navigating logistics of the marriage, sourcing all vendors, planning virtual tutorials, vow-writing assistance, and more. Greater Good Events works with a number of local vendors to pull virtual weddings together, including Loulette Bride, Oak & Honey Catering, Doe & Jay and Willow House Beauty.

“The idea is that couples will still be able to celebrate and explore the special moments they would have experienced on their wedding day, just in a different format,” added Hockley-Harrison.

Depending on a couple’s needs, Greater Good Events can also provide professional Zoom services – controlling, managing and mediating participants’ microphones during the ceremony.

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While virtual weddings are appealing to couples during the COVID-19 crisis, Hockley-Harrison also believes they will remain a viable option post-pandemic.

“Couples can utilize full or partial virtual weddings to include loved ones that may not be able to participate in their ceremony due to health or travel issues,” said Hockley-Harrison. “This is also a new opportunity for anyone who may be struggling financially, but still wants to celebrate a milestone.”

On April 19, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order making New York one of the first states to allow virtual wedding ceremonies. On Friday, May 1, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also signed an executive order relaxing in-person requirements to obtain marriage licenses. The order will also allow video conference weddings within the state.

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