John Cerbone Wows with Comedic Hypnosis as The Trance Master [Interview]

John Cerbone
Image Courtesy of John Cerbone

John Cerbone, known internationally as The Trance Master, is a genuine megastar in the world of hypnosis. Along with being a leader as a clinical hypnotist therapist, the master of trance utilizes his genius to entertain audiences with a comedy stage show that involves audience members as he induces laughter.

With hypnosis being used clinically and for entertainment, there was never truly a singular person who was known to be a star practitioner in both categories until Cerbone took his clinical brilliance to the stage. He has now been delivering his laugh-inducing comedy hypnosis throughout the world for over 25-years.

John Cerbone
Image Courtesy of John Cerbone

Destined to be The Trance Master 

The son of a famous New York City detective father and a fashion model, then business executive, mother, Cerbone grew up with parents whose lives appear as if they were in a film noir. The Trance Master’s father became well-known for solving the famed 1975 kidnapping of Samuel Bronfman, son of billionaire liquor baron-philanthropist Edgar Bronfman.

As young as a toddler Cerbone’s hypnotic gifts began to reveal themselves. Even before he knew what he was doing, the young genius learned to regulate his behavior with self-hypnosis. Cerbone’s master traits began appearing in grade school when he counseled peers on how to use the techniques he had naturally became skilled at.

Cerbone states:

“I know it sounds a little metaphysical and strange to certain people, but I guess I was born to do this. I think it’s probably a divine gift of some kind.”

Although he was working his hypnotic magic at such a young age, at the time Cerbone did not know what to call his abilities of accessing the subconscious. It was not until a time during the late 80s to early 90s that he got an inkling of what he actually could call himself – when people began commenting to the young trance master, “You’re one hell of a hypnotist!”

Cerbone Grows His Hypnotic Abilities

As Cerbone began his road to being officially trained he was instructed that one must take 20 or more minutes when hypnotizing a person. Performing hypnotic abilities his entire life, Cerbone thought it inadequate and nonsensical education telling him that he must follow protocol precisely with skipping a punctuation mark.

It was because of these teachings that Cerbone was driven to develop his own technique. The brilliant hypnosis headliner created his “Speed Trance,” in which subjects can be hypnotized in a matter of a few mere seconds – instead of in the time-consuming minutes he had been taught to use.

With his Speed Trance method, of placing one into a deep hypnotic trance within seconds, Cerbone’s peers have given him the moniker of The Fastest Hypnotist Alive. A true master of his craft, he has taught courses in over 18 countries and across the U.S. on how to perform his Speed Trance technique.

The Trance Master has used his born abilities to improve his clients’ lives – helping people deal with fears, stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and perform life’s tasks optimally. In addition to his clinical work, Cerbone has mastered his craft to bring laughter to the masses with his hypnosis comedy shows, and speed-hypnosis demonstrations.

Cerbone Entertains Audiences with his Hypnosis Comedy

As he developed his Speed Trance method, Cerbone realized his abilities to help people enjoy life through laughter creating a hypnosis comedy show performance to entertain. The headliner hypnotist has worked in over half of the United States, Canada, and Europe. With only word-of-mouth, the famed hypnotist created a stir when he overfilled capacity of a Las Vegas Planet Hollywood engagement.

John Cerbone
Image Courtesy of John Cerbone

In addition to the stage, Cerbone has made many TV appearances – including MTV’s “Hypnotize My Roommate.” His talents were showcased at the national Emmy Awards ceremony hypnotizing celebrity attendees.

Born to be a hypnotist, Cerbone was also predestined to be an entertainer. The Trance Master states how he achieves his greatest satisfaction by hearing the audience laughter presenting his enthralling stage act.

“I call myself a clinical hypnotist, but I am also a stage hypnotist. I was trained as a clinical hypnotist first, but I have to tell you from my heart, I love being in front of an audience and making them laugh.”

An Interview with The Trance Master

His love of his born talent has had Cerbone performing thousands of mesmerizing shows and hypnotizing over 250,000 people. The master at his craft, and delightful individual, speaks candidly about his life and love of hypnosis.

Carol Ruth Weber: What was your very first recollection that you had special abilities?

John Cerbone: I remember my parents telling me when I was three or four years of age to go pick up your bedroom. I would go up to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I would take some deep breaths and look up at the ceiling and then get up and clean my room. I didn’t have the lead legs and sore back that the other kids who had to clean their room would complain about.

By the age of five my parents asked me how I do it. My mother revealed that to the staff in the nursing facility that I had taught them my technique at five years old. I didn’t even know it was called hypnosis until I was in my twenties. I thought it was meditation but it was self-hypnosis – a self-developed technique.

CRW: Did your parents recognize and encourage your talents?

JC: Yes, they did. My mother was very much a proponent of what I was doing. My father early on was not completely on board all the time because he was a bit skeptical of what I was doing due to his nature as a detective.

Later in his life, when my father had three different types of cancer, he came with my uncle, his brother, to me to use hypnosis to help balance out the pain issues in his body. My uncle was there as the chaperone but he went under quicker than my father did. When my dad came out he asked my uncle how he did and my uncle said, “I don’t know I went out a lot quicker than you did.”

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CRW: When did you realize at such a young age that you could use your abilities to help your peers?

JC: I was in five grammar schools and there were kids who I did not even know very well who sought me out. They were upset with thoughts of running away. In high school and college my peers who had thoughts of despair sought me out as well thinking I could help them. I would ask them to close their eyes and talk to them. When they opened their eyes, they didn’t feel terrible anymore.

It was a strange journey – why would these kids seek me out instead of someone else – it was almost like a higher power guided them. I always felt like I was put here for some reason to help these people.

CRW: How did you morph from being strictly a clinical hypnotist to also being a stage hypnotist?

JC: More than 25 years ago I was giving a speech about hypnosis. Someone came up to me and asked if I could give one of those light-hearted funny comedy hypnosis shows like they had seen on cruise ships. They wanted it for a fund-raising event to fight children’s cancer. I asked if they meant a light-hearted lecture demonstration and they responded, no, we want a funny comedy hypnosis show. I asked when and they said in a year.

So, I went to a conference and learned how to do a stage show. In college, I had acted and after one of the performances I was told there was a full scholarship waiting for me at the Actors Studio. I had to refuse it because I needed to go to work to make a living.

I had gone from high school years of being afraid to speak in public to now performing these shows that I cannot wait to be on stage for. I would rather be in front of an audience than just sitting one on one with somebody.

CRW: With all you do to help people overcome fears and issues on the clinical side of your work, have you learned to encompass the laughter-as-the-best-medicine aspect of your stage show when working clinically as well?

JC: Yes, absolutely! Many people over the years have asked me how do I justify being both a stage hypnosis and being a clinical hypnosis. I respond that one feeds into the other. There are clinical aspects that I have plugged into the end of my stage shows and there are things from my stage shows that I plug into the end of my private sessions.

In most every stage show I provide a personal empowerment suggestion as a gift to those who are volunteering to be in the show. For example, I suggest that they have had a nine-hour nap and a seven-hour back and foot rub.

I also put something from the stage shows into my clinical work. For example, I’m known for making people laugh at my funny red pen, my shoes, or my watch [Cerbone explains further that they are only funny because he suggests his ordinary items to be funny]. I have added this to my private and group sessions so people leave laughing and smiling. I also use it as reinforcing the clinical success. Every time they look at someone’s shoes, watch, or pen, when appropriate, they laugh – which in turn reinforces their hypnotic success.

CRW: What are your dreams for the future of your comedy hypnosis show?

JC: So far I have worked in 27 states in the U.S. I want to cover every state as well as every English-speaking country. I’ve done shows large and small. I have done several for Clive Davis. In 11 years, I’ve done three shows for him. Obviously, he can hire anyone he wants but he said to me you’re the only hypnotist I’ll ever work with.

Cerbone is Recognized for His Hypnotic Assistance

In addition to his clinical work and stage shows Cerbone aims to give hypnosis assistance with the aid of his best-selling books, CDs and DVD sets.

Cerbone has penned four best-selling books becoming an International Best Selling Author:
“Hypnotic Scripts that Work – the Breakthrough Book”
“More Hypnotic Scripts that Work”
“Power Hypnosis – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions”
“Even More Hypnotic Scripts that Work”

His two DVD sets have become very popular, used by fellow hypnotists worldwide:

“Speed Trance: Instant Hypnotic Inductions for Stage, Street and Clinical Hypnosis”
“Speed Trance 2.0”

Hypnosis instructional CD’s created by Cerbone made their debut at the Eco Emmys 2012 in Los Angeles.

Cerbone’s many certifications, titles, distinctions and awards are a credit to his service and recognition for his abilities as a professional hypnotist. Awards include: Order of Braid Council, 2018 ICBCH Keynote Speaker of the Year; and two prestigious Walter E. Brackelmann’s Awards – Person of the Year and Outstanding Oratory.

Titles held by Cerbone:

  • Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist
  • National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Clinical Hypnotist Instructor
  • The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy Certified Instructor
  • The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy Diplomat
  • The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy Board Member
  • Union Hypnotist: Member of National Federation of Hypnotists -NFH 104
  • Certified Medical Meditation and Stress Management Consultant
  • ICBCH – 2007 Educational Video of the Year for “Speed Trance: Instant Hypnotic Inductions”

The professional hypnotist has highly-regarded achieved member recognition:

  • Member: National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Member: The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Member: International Hypnosis Hall of Fame
  • Member: The Circle of Excellence Hypnotists
  • Member: The League of Extraordinary Stage Hypnotists
  • Member: APCA – The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities
John Cerbone
John Cerbone and Clive Davis – Image Courtesy of John Cerbone

The legendary music producer, Clive Davis, exclaims about Cerbone:

“A really wonderful, fantastic show!  You have real talent! We will be seeing each other again soon!  You are the only Hypnotist I’ll ever work with.”

Keep a lookout on Cerbone’s website for upcoming performances, as well as for information on booking his amazing show.

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