Labor Day is not only for a celebration,
or just time off to take a vacation.
It’s a time to recognize the fruits of hard work,
and to maximize on the biggest perk,
that benefits you to have a job,
as labor makes the economy’s heart throb.
And when it’s your time to retire,
worry not as they would get a new hire.
So do not work to death,
because a job doesn’t depend on your last breath.

-Keila Alvarado

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Keila is a Writer, Creative Director, Associate Producer, Poet, and Event Organizer, who has years of diverse experience as a professional. She also serves as an Associate Producer for TV/Film/Animation production company. Keila also chairs a board chapter role in the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communication. Keila speaks English and Spanish. Her hidden talents include singing, acting, editing, and cooking. Hobbies include traveling, being a fashionista, and helping others.