Manhattan Is Getting Its First Beach in 2022

Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Anyone want to take a quick dip in the Hudson River?..  Maybe not, but Manhattan has been approved for its first ever public beach.

The $60 million Gansevoort Peninsula portion of the Hudson River Park Trust’s $900 million park renovation project is completed, after two years of construction, in 2022, it will be the largest green space in the 4 mile long Hudson River Park.  Until 2017, the site was used as salt storage for the Dept. of Sanitation.

The location will be the on the 5 acre piece of land just off Gansevoort Street (West Village).  The future beach will be across the River from Pier C in Hoboken, NJ.  Landscape Architecture firm James Corner Field Operations announced they will begin working on a design for the approved beach site.

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Future Beach site near the Whitney Museum.  Image by Google Maps

You may recognize the architecture firm, they are the ones who brought us the iconic High Line.

“The future design will provide direct waterfront access to the public while serving as a protective barrier against flooding and storm surge.  The construction money will come from a combination of state, city and private funding, she said, along with $152 million secured by the trust through three air rights sales.” trust CEO Madelyn Wils.

Thinking of swimming in the Hudson??  Think again, it’s unlikely the plan will allow swimming access.  Many municipalities up and down the Hudson still dump their raw sewage into the river during storms, making it a toxic cocktail of fecal bacteria and PCB’s, lovely.


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