Martha Wash ‘Never Enough Money’ Wows ‘Love & Conflict’ [Song Review]

Martha Wash
Image by Sean Black Courtesy of Martha Wash

Listening to the new Martha Wash single, “Never Enough Money,” is a sure indication that the famed “It’s Raining Men” singer is belting out another hit that fans will want to hear more of. The song is set to be on Wash’s new album, “Love & Conflict,” to be released on Jan 6, 2020.

Wash Belts Out Another Sure to be Hit

In just the first notes of the addictive “Never Enough Money” everyone will get hooked as it begins with the flavor of disco and a wonderful jazzy funk rock beat. The opening uplifting words sung by Wash wows one to want to jump up and dance, and sing, along.

“Never Enough Money” released by Purple Rose Records on Soundcloud

Inspirational Wash shines through in the verses beginning with the very first: “You push your way to the top.” Wash sings the story of a person rising using technology to find love and fame, yet with no shame to think they can ever do wrong and just wanting more – noted as the Queen of Clubland sings the chorus line, “There’s Never enough money in the world for you.” The lyrics sing of an egotistical battle of fighting to the top but never thinking one has enough – pushing all else aside as noted in the final strong line, “And all you want is the money.”

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This song has something for everyone.  Wash’s fans will not be disappointed as the beat is unmistakable Wash classic yet with a modern vibe ready for 2020. The funky jazzy song gets one grooving to want to sing out the chorus along with the songstress upon first listen.

“Never Enough Money” will win over a new generation of fans as well with its rock session as the melody comes to a crescendo about two thirds in. If the rest of the “Love & Conflict” album hits near the notes that “Never Enough Money” does, then Wash will be sure to get yet another Grammy nomination.

Wash Endures to Prove her ‘Queen of Clubland’ Title Worthy

Beginning her career as a gospel singer, and studying opera while just still in high school, the talented Wash proves her worthiness to be called “the Queen of Clubland” repeatedly. She has fought her way to the top in a male and svelte female-dominated profession.

Martha Wash
Image by Gor Megnara Courtesy of Martha Wash

Wash not only proved herself as a powerful woman who could sing, but also as one who stood up for herself in getting the credit that was due her. Coming into the 1990s the Queen finally earned her deserved notoriety.

The Grammy nominee’s other vocal hits became Number One on Billboard’s dance chart joining Wash’s credited “It’s Raining Men. “Gonna Make You Sweat” reached the top of the Hot 100 as it climbed the R&B chart and made it to be a multi-platinum hit. With her vocals being heard on eight Billboard’s dance chart Number One songs as they were played in the dance clubs Wash earned her title as “The Queen of Clubland.”

Wash Launches Purple Rose Records and Gains More Accolades

In 2004 Wash launched her own recording label, Purple Rose Records. Her continued goal was to produce developing talent rejected by leading record labels. Purple Rose’s first release was Wash’s own single “You Lift Me Up” which was a top-five Billboard Dance Club Song chart hit. The first album release in 2013 by the company was Wash’s second album, “Something Good.”

Wash proved her talent once again climbing the Billboard Club Play Chart to rank number two in 2014 with her song, “I’m Not Coming Down.” The track proved its worth as it also ranked 37 on the Billboard Dance/ Electronica chart.

Along with the label, Purple Rose also manages acts including the female group, First Ladies of Disco with Wash as one of the featured performers. The original group first starred Linda Clifford, and Evelyn “Champagne” King along with Wash. The group’s debut single, “Show Some Love,” was released by the label in 2015 and rose to the top-ten on Billboard’s Dance chart. First Ladies of Disco released their second single on Purple Rose Records, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” in March 2019.

Martha Wash
Image Courtesy of Purple Rose Records

Purple Rose Records and Wash are sure to see more praises with the release of “Never Enough Money” along with her anticipated album “Love & Conflict.” Wash proves to be a power that is not to be stopped as she continues to grow and reinvent her amazing chart-topping style for a new era and new generation.

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