Meet Celebrity Artists In-Person in Hard Rock AC at Wentworth Gallery [Video]

Wentworth Gallery
Photo Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Meet famed rock stars and celebrities as they showcase their artwork making in-person gallery appearances to meet fans at Wentworth Gallery in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Devotees can purchase the beautiful artwork and enjoy a special live meet-and-greet with a favorite celeb from the world of music, acting, and art.

Art Unites Celebs and Fans at Wentworth Gallery

Wealth may be sought on the casino floor, but rich history can be found for those viewing the memorabilia showcased throughout Hard Rock. As one makes their way to Wentworth Gallery, inside the New Jersey resort, it becomes clear that this is more than a mere hotel and casino. Hard Rock is a museum that comes alive with memories from beloved musicians and actors.

Wentworth Gallery
Photo Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

The restaurants, casino floor, and lobbies are filled with the collectors’ items that Hard Rock fans have come to relish in their exploration to see a unique object from a favorite icon. Wentworth proves to be the perfect companion for Hard Rock by bringing in celebrities to showcase their art and mingle with admirers.

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Colors come alive in a brilliant melody that Wentworth croons enticing viewers to enter and browse the gallery in the heart of the hotel lobby. Walking through the gallery doors fans will be blown away by new “Art of Rock” works created by iconic artists, as well as fave rock musicians showcasing their rhythmic talents as an artist with a paintbrush.

Wentworth Gallery Brings Superstars to Hard Rock AC

Star-studded openings, concerts, and appearances by dignitaries from the world of music, and beyond, will in no doubt be part of the exciting Atlantic City location. Where the Hard Rock’s large events do not give fans a chance to get up close and personal, Wentworth Gallery makes art the focal point to bring together supporters with their talented idol in an intimate venue.

Wentworth opened with the Hard Rock on June 28, 2018, to delight in showcasing rich art from many of the same icons whose memorabilia is seen within the hotel and casino. In addition to the works by world-renowned artists Peter Max, Charles Fazzino, Romero Britto, Elena Bond and Michael Godard one will be excited to see art by music world idols. Canvas’ come alive from the pulsating talent of Paul Stanley (Kiss), Ric Ocasek (The Cars), Brian Wheat (Tesla), Michael Cartellone (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones), and Rick Allen (Def Leppard).

In celebration of Hard Rock ACs grand opening, in July 2018, the legendary Peter Max made an appearance at the newest Wentworth Gallery. Max mingled with his fans as he showcased new works of a curated collection created for the Wentworth Gallery’s Hard Rock location. Max is recognized for his whimsical psychedelic works. For his newest pieces, the iconic artist painted the Beatles in portraiture and actual guitars popping with his personalized brilliance.

Hard Rock, known for its collections of wonderful historic items from world superstars, is now also acknowledged as home to hosting celebrity artists at Wentworth Gallery. Fans can check on the Wentworth website to find out when their favorite celebrity artist will be making a live appearance at the Hard Rock, as well as other Wentworth Gallery locations.

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