Mindful Breathing by Jay Bradley Heals Body and Soul [Interview]

mindful breathing
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Healer Jay Bradley created his mindful breathing technique to help others alleviate pains hurting both emotionally and physically. The founder of Breathe On It takes one on a wonderful journey of learning how to rewire their brain through a conscious breathing practice known as Breathwork. Breathwork allows one to take control to become centered to end old harmful thoughts and behaviors so one can rebalance body, mind, and spirit.

Bradley’s Road to Mindful Breathing

Relentless emotional and physical attacks by bullies plagued Bradley from Kindergarten through High School. In order to survive, the sensitive child grew into a young man hiding his hurt utilizing unhealthy behaviors. He got caught in a cycle of overspending, sex, sleep, coffee, and perfectionism.

mindful breathing
Image Courtesy of Breathe On It Facebook

Bradley realized that the road he was on was just a never-ending circle that did not lead him to find any relief. The sensitive man realized he needed a new path to learning a way to heal his pain. He started on a spiritual and emotional journey which is what brought Bradley to discover the mindful breathing of breathwork.

The over 30-year expedition led the Breathe On It founder to realize that work is required to uncover who one truly is. He realized the vital need to get rid of any feeling of self-shame and replace it with self-love and self-worth.

Not only did Bradley discover love for himself – but through his search to find his center he also embarked on a road of exciting opportunities. Work such as fitness trainer, Reiki master, hypnotist health & wellness coach, and massage therapist have all aided in creating the healer Bradley is today. But it was an invite to an intimate Breathwork group that opened him up to a truly life-changing process.

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Bradley Speaks About Mindful Breathing Breathwork and Life

Mindful breathing can open one up for healing life’s woes – from physical pain to emotional pain, and stresses. Bradley is the perfect expert to answer questions about Breathwork.

Carol Ruth Weber: What is Breathwork exactly?

Jay Bradley: Breathwork is an extended breathing process that is really-just used for overall wellness. All breathwork comes from pranayama (prana is life and ayama is to extend – so pranatama equals extend life). Interesting is in Latin breath is spiritum which means spirit. Breathwork connects you to your spirit.

Breathwork has physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Physically the major points are: you detox the body, assist in the proper digestion – which is huge, boost immunity, physical energy, improving brain function and memory, lowing cortisol – which is the fight or flight stress hormone, and getting circulation going. Emotionally it is worth to say it releases endorphins and oxytocin (the feel-good hormone). When these are released it improves mood, gain clarity of thought, and opens the heart center for joy, gratitude, love, and forgiveness.

Spiritually you definitely-receive physic and intuitive messages opening channels to the other realm – some people see and some people feel to get guidance. There is opening and balancing of the chakras – especially with the three-part circular breath we access the lower and upper chakras. You can release and heal ancestral, or family, ties – pain in the family, such as addiction, that gets passed on can be freed.

CRW: What makes mindful breathing, or breathwork, different than other types of meditation?

JB: I think this type of breathing process is great for people who can’t meditate traditionally because it is a very active practice of meditation. It’s just more physical and engages the body on a deeper level. A term I use is it is a spiritual CrossFit. You are working out whereas with meditation you are just sitting there trying to clear your thoughts.

CRW: How did breathwork aid you in overcoming the scars of a bullied child?

JB: Being bullied causes you to almost have self-loathing and lack of self-worth. This process of breathwork teaches you energetically how to love and accept yourself no matter what. Breathwork reminds you of what it’s like to feel good and that nothing from the outside can fill us up – make us happy. Our stories don’t define us.

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CRW: How can breathwork help soothe physical pain?

JB: The very act of oxygen feeding the tissue – or injury – often alleviates physical pain in one session. Under every physical pain, there is an emotional component. Breathwork helps you to tap into the stored-up emotion in the body. We feel it to believe it and become consciously aware in order to release it.

CRW: What tips do you have for all of humanity dealing with the stress of the pandemic?

JB: I’m an optimist and truly believe that all that is happening right now is an awakening. Everything is happening for a reason. Do not get caught up in the fear of the unknown and respect others – pass on more kindness. Whenever we fear anything, that is when stress comes in.

CRW: There are going to be so many hit with PTSD once the pandemic is over – How can mindful breathing help one overcome PTSD?

JB: I feel like PTSD is stored up trauma in the mind and body. Mindful breathing allows you to get underneath or behind the trauma in a space where you are calm and there is no trauma to tap into. The more often you spend in that place of stillness, the easier it is to maintain long term. We are rewiring things emotionally in our bodies. We become observers stepping outside of the situation without the worry of fight or flight.

CRW: What do you see for your future beyond Breathwork?

JB: I’ve always seen an entire line of spiritual products – expanding the line of chakra balms. It is all going to be related to helping people with at-home spiritual practice – making spirituality more accessible to everyone. I also see having a wellness retreat center and writing more books, and even an inspiring reality show.

Healing Hopes Fulfilled Through Breathwork and Chakra Balms

Bradley has worked tirelessly to pass on the healing through his Breathe On It breathwork workshops and wonderful Chakra balms. He has set it as a mission to teach others how to release hurtful-damaging life patterns – including addictions – through his mindful breathing.

Breathwork works as an amazing aid to assist in the healing process. A health professional should be consulted if one has questions about the addition of a new healing practice.

Out of the love, the spiritual guru offers a free guided breathwork healing session in his quest to help others heal and gain balance for a peaceful life. Just about everyone could certainly use some helpful paths to destress and get centered – especially in these crazy pandemic times. Follow Bradley to gain renewed life with fresh energy, revived mind and body health, mindfulness, and self-love through the mindful breathing of breathwork.

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