Most of 11th Ave is Now One-Way Only


In the ever-changing sport of driving in New York there are new changes.  Without any warning, NYC made a long stretch of 11th Avenue on Manhattan’s West Side a one-way street.  This sudden change was also met with a ticket blitz for New York and New Jersey commuters.

11th Ave new traffic flow, southbound only. Image by Google Maps.

The changes will affect 11th Ave southbound from 57th street to the Lincoln Tunnel.  Jersey drivers were reported to be in as much as 2 hours of traffic to get from 57th to 40th street.  The city has capitalizing on the mass confusion.  While the city says “there is a 5-day grace period when changing street rules”, that didn’t prevent the poilce from pulling over and issuing summons for making a now illegal turn or headed down the (new) wrong way.  If you received a summons last week you are in the clear, however drivers that receive summons moving forward will have to pay the fines.

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The new changes have not been updated in most GPS systems, so please use caution in the area.  The DOT says it has been discussing these changes for years and the goal is to improve traffic flow and improve bus speeds and reliability. Ultimately the changes will also lead to new bike and bus lanes, along with islands for boarding.  It is all part of the mayor’s ‘Vision Zero’ initiative.

Did you receive a ticket? Let us know.

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