‘Mott Haven’ Winning Movie on South Bronx and Environment [Video]

Mott Haven
Image Courtesy of "Mott Haven Cash for Keys"

The movie “Mott Haven Cash for Keys” not only focuses on saving the South Bronx inhabitants, but it also brings important light to the need to save the environment from the harmful effects of plastic waste. Bringing the two causes together adds power to the movie that has become a hit as it wows multiple film festival audiences and critics for its powerful story and acting.

Award-winning actor, Robert Davi, best known as Special Agent Johnson in ‘Die Hard,’ stars

Mott Haven
Image Courtesy of IMDB Robert Davi page.

in “Mott Haven” as the Zen-like “radioman,” Hal opposite Paul Wilson who plays the feeling lost Mike Roman. The character of Roman is based on the co-writer, director and producer of the movie, Michael Domino.

Domino, who has worked in the plastics recycling business for more than 30-years, wrote the movie with Robert Mladinich. “Mott Haven Cash for Keys” was inspired by a chance meeting that Domino had with a former radio giant who, after a life living on Park Avenue, ended up living on a park bench. From the bench, the former mogul found a single room apartment in the South Bronx neighborhood of Mott Haven – the basis for the fictional story of Hal and Mike’s fight to stop gentrification.

‘Mott Haven’ Proves Helping Others Can Help Oneself

Mott Haven
Image Courtesy of “Mott Haven Cash for Keys”

“Mott Haven Cash for Keys” makes a telling statement of how a fortuitous meeting by two strangers can become lifesaving and life-affirming event – and can even have an impact way beyond. The character Roman is a lost soul, worn out by his recycling business while also being disconnected from his family. As he spends his days drinking and raging about his life Roman happens to meet the tranquil Hal.

The Zen-like former radio man’s calmness intrigues Roman who Hal describes as a “control freak who has lost control.” When Roman discovers that Hal and his neighbors are threatened with homelessness due to neighborhood gentrification it invigorates the plastic recycler with a new life purpose – to help the South Bronx inhabitants keep their homes.

Domino describes the movie in one simple sentence:

“At its core, it is a redemption story.”

Hal and Roman work to fight the efforts of the brutish building super, Ray Pizzalongo – played by Chuck Zito (“Sons of Anarchy” fame). The movie is a very telling story of how gentrification is effecting long-time inhabitants of the South Bronx and how it just takes a group working together to keep their homes safe from eviction.

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With the main character being in the Plastics Recycling business “Mott Haven Cash for Keys” allows the story to also makes a statement about how people can band together to help save the environment.

Image Courtesy of Mott Haven – Cash for Keys.

Along with the message of fighting to help others, the movie sends a powerful reminder of how important it is for the world to keep our oceans clean and protect our sea animals from suffering. Introducing all to the world of plastics recycling, as part of the solution to the devastation that marine plastic waste is causing to humans and animals, is a powerful uncredited role in “Mott Haven Cash for Keys.”


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