Netflix Attains ‘Seinfeld’ Planning to Air All 180 Episodes

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Exciting Netflix news of its global acquisition of the show “Seinfeld” came in a tweet on Sept 16, 2019. A tweeted GIF shows Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer dancing in Jerry’s set apartment

Netflix Pairing with ‘Seinfeld’ Will Fill Leaving Shows Hole

The news of “Seinfeld” joining the Netflix Inc. family is a relief for those who enjoy some classic sitcom binging. The summer of 2019 brought sad news of the streaming company’s loss of two popular shows to other streaming services.

The beginning of 2020 will have the service losing “Friends” to the HBO Max. “The Office” will be leaving the end of 2020 in order to head over to NBCUniversal.

Fans of the streaming giant will be relieved to know that the hole left by the two fan-

Captured Video Image of Seinfeld Cast

favorite shows leaving will now be filled by another all-time beloved show. According to the Los Angeles Times, Netflix has brokered a deal with Sony Pictures Television – the company that controls the distribution of “Seinfeld.” A five-year agreement will begin in 2021 to show all 189 episodes to the service’s 151 million subscribers worldwide.

Currently “Seinfeld” has been airing in the U.S. on the Walt Disney majority-owned Hulu, and in several other countries on Amazon’s service. Both the Hulu and Amazon streaming rights will be transferred to Netflix in 2021.

Netflix Acquisition Perfect Mate for Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Cars’

Jerry Seinfeld the comedian is not new to members of the streaming service. The comedic genius’ “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” moved from Netflix in 2017 from Crackle – growing laughs and fans.

The light-hearted “Cars” is a talk-show experience featuring Seinfeld sharing moments with comedians from around the world as they drive and drink coffee. Each episode showcases a special vintage car with guest comedian hanging and chatting with Seinfeld as they drive to a coffee destination.

In addition to “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the comedian can be seen on Netflix doing his wonderful stand-up on the show “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” It features the star in a classic club routine with jokes that made him famous along with his stories from childhood and his start in comedy.

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