Netflix’s ‘It’s Bruno’ is Clearly the Best Show of 2019


With Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ officially over, we have been waiting for the next big local comedy, well that wait is officially over.

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It’s Bruno is the story of a puggle that lives in Brooklyn with his owner Malcom and thier adventures in the neighborhood.  The show is absolutely hilarious, brilliant and original.  It has everything you would expect to see in New York City including dancing latinos speaking spanglish, bodegas, hipsters, yuppies and more.

It’s actually Bruno. Image by Netflix Youtube Screenshot.

Malcolm is played by Solvan “Slick” Naim.  Slick is an award-winning 22-year-old Algerian-American director, writer and rapper from Bushwick. Aside from ‘It’s Bruno’, he has directed for The Blacklist, Power and Animal Kingdom.

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His creative take on obnoxious dog owners, gentrification and petty crime is incredibly entertaining. Quite frankly, you have never seen a show like this before. It’s mad-New York and has something for everyone. I have seen season one, three times. #Facts

Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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