New Jersey State Troopers Rescue Unconscious Man (Video)


Gloucester Township, N.J. (102.4 mi from the GWB)

In south Jersey on Sunday, two fast-acting New Jersey state troopers came to the rescue of an unconscious man trapped inside a burning car after it crashed in Camden County.  New Jersey State Police released video of the incident on their official Facebook page:

“Troopers Thomas O’Connor and Christopher Warwick arrived on the scene Sunday night and found a Ford Fusion against a metal guard rail along State Highway 42 in Gloucester Township”.

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NJ Police said, smoke was coming from a wheel well as the driver was unconscious with his foot on the accelerator.  Just after arriving they noticed flames coming from the front end, but the troopers continued to work their way to free the driver just as the passenger side caught on fire.

Police said Troopers O’Connor and Warwick somehow managed to pull him out of the driver side window just before the vehicle became fully engulfed in flames.  Finally out of the car, the driver regained consciousness and declined any further medical attention after bring evaluated by EMS.

Salute to the NJ State Troopers on this one!  Amazing!

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