New York, New Jersey are #1, #2 Fastest Shrinking States

Image Courtesy of Zippia.

This isn’t something you necessarily want to brag about.  Based on a new report by Zippia, New York is in first place followed closely by New Jersey for states losing population. This is not shocking.  New York and New Jersey have consistently been ranked in the top 5 for losing population over the last 10 years.  Overall, the trend has shown that North Eastern states are losing the most people.

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The numbers vary between Upstate and Downstate New York, and between Northern and Southern Jersey. Downstate New York and North Jersey have been semi unaffected by the trend.  The reason for the exodus is a combination of financial (cost of living, housing prices, taxes and tolls), weather and politics.

New York lost a mind-boggling 307,190 people, equivalent to 1.57% of its population. People are exiting NY and moving to Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Connecticut and North Carolina.

Midtown, Manhattan.  Image courtesy of Matias Di Meglio from Pexels

While New Jersey lost 97,124 people, equivalent to 1.09 % of its population.  The top 5 states people are fleeing to are Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, North Carolina and California.

Weehawken, NJ. Image Courtesy of

The Top 10 states with decreasing population based on the most recent report.

  1. New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. West Virginia
  4. Louisiana
  5. Hawaii
  6. Illinois
  7. Connecticut
  8. Alaska
  9. Wyoming
  10. Rhode Island

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For the full list check out the Zippia article.

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